IPL is hard to miss with the current white ball contract in England, suggests Johnny Bairstow

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Photo of Johnny Beirstow’s file.

Called as fresh ammunition for his country in the ongoing India-England series, which is currently 1-1 after India’s landslide victory in Chennai last week Johnny Beirstov has fun playing the third test after resting for the first two tests. The big Englishman had not been included in the team before as part of the rotating policy of the English Cricket Board (ECB), given the shortcomings of the strict biosafety bubble.

And while the 31-year-old goalkeeper has backed the ECB’s decision to rest him and other players for certain matches, he acknowledged that it will be difficult for him and other players, especially those who have only a white ball contract, to turn down. the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League.

For the readers ‘knowledge, even in England, the media were not in favor of the idea of ​​players’ rest, while allowing them to participate in the upcoming IPL 2021

“When you see some of the offered amounts, it is very difficult to refuse them,” Beirstow said during a media interview. “We have some players with full contracts and some only with white balls and I don’t think you can say ‘don’t go’ to England players with white ball contracts. There are some serious amounts.”

Sunrisers Hyderbad’s cricket player’s argument deserves an argument, as the ECB currently provides a full contract of £ 700,000 (approximately £ 7.10) per year, but the amount is significantly reduced for limited professionals such as Bairstow, Mouen Ali and Mark Wood, who receive just £ 170,000 (Rs 1.73 crore) for white ball deals alone.



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