IPL 2021 | You get into this endless nightmare: Glenn Maxwell on a bio-balloon

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Image source: TWITTER / RCB

Photo of Glenn Maxwell’s file.

Great Australian station wagon Glenn Maxwell says the constant restriction of bio-bubbles can become a “nightmare” and cricketers are currently leading a “difficult lifestyle” to ensure they continue to do their jobs.

Maxwell, who has had mental health problems in the past, admitted that adjusting to such a life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic definitely takes a toll on players around the world.

“It’s very difficult (to move from one bubble to another) … you are protected by people outside your biosecurity bubble and you fall into this endless nightmare where you live the same day over and over again,” he said in an interview published by his IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore on its YouTube channel.

“You almost tend to forget how to have a normal conversation with the outside world. It can be very difficult mentally and it’s a huge challenge. But it’s great to get our game back and be able to do our job and entertain people. But that’s all. still a difficult way of life at the moment, “he said.

“It also burdens a lot of relationships. You need your support networks to spend these difficult times.”

Speaking about the upcoming IPL, Maxwell said he could not be less interested in blabbering on about his solid price, despite insufficient past performances, as he was excited to live a long-cherished dream of playing together. They grow kohli and AB de Villiers.

Despite poor outings in the last two IPLs, Maxwell managed to win big money again at this year’s auction when RCB signed him for the huge Rs 14.25 crore.

“It was a long time ago (a dream to play with Collie and de Villiers). Obviously, after knowing them very well off the field, I played against them honestly, but in the end I have to play in the same team,” Maxwell said in an RCB interview on his page. on YouTube.

“Not really,” was his answer to a question about whether he was surprised by the high bid he won at the auction.

“I thought there might be a little bit of interest. A lot of teams brought in this midfielder, but I knew a few teams were looking at the non-spinning wadding and I’m glad two teams went harder and RCB caught me.”

RCB will face the Mumbai Indians at the opening of the tournament in Chennai on Friday.

He said his extensive experience playing in Indian conditions could be useful for Collie and RCB in their efforts to lift their first IPL title.

“… I think my performances will take care of themselves. I want to have a positive impact on everything I do, be it attitude, help around the team, wise leadership, helping Virat when he needs it …

“I guess with my experience, I think this is my 22nd trip to India … so with that kind of experience, you have to help the rest of the group,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell said that after spending the entire period of lock-in with his fiancée at his home in Melbourne, he now feels fresh and can’t wait to go out on the field for his new IPL side.

“I was so excited to leave. A new team, a new tournament we came back to India after Dubai last year, I was so excited. I was happy outside the quarantine. It was nice to see some friendly faces, meet some new people, go out and run around.

“We hope this lifts other people when they see you happy to run around. It can be contagious, it can spread in the group quite quickly, as can the negative reaction.”



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