IPL 2021 | Talking points from the game MI against SRH: Sunrisers are again drowning in a chase at Chepauk

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Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Abdul Samad wins battle during Mumbai and Sunrisers Hyderabad Indians match 9 of the Vivo Indian Premier League 2021 at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on April 17

The Mumbai Indians, defending champions, opposed the tendency to become the first team to choose to fight first. IPL 2021. The bowlers from Sunrisers Hyderabad limited them to 150 for five. Although they had successfully defended 152 against Kolkata Knight Riders in their previous match, Johnny BeirstovThe Blitzkrieg hammer threatened to take over the game before the five-time IPL winners bounced in a cunning way. Rahul Chahar organized the collapse of SRH with his trifer after the dismissal of the starting pair Jasprit bumrah bowled without being hit for the limit as the SRH fell 13 times less than the target.

How did Vijay Shankar’s change of pace limit MI in the middle?

Eating at the pace of Bhuvneshwar kumar and Haleil Ahmed, Opener for Indians in Mumbai Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Cock rose to a stand with 53 runs at the end of PowerPlay. De Kock started the inning with a border against Bhuvneshwar and finished with another. Khaleel was introduced in the next to counter Rohit’s vulnerability against the pace of his left hand, but the captain took advantage of the toothless supplies of the left arm to break him to the limit.

Shankar, attracted immediately after PowerPlay, fired Rohit with only his third ball. The lack of pace was the key to the Chennai track, and Shankar clung to it to get rid of the captain. He returned for his second to dismiss Suryakumar Yadav, with a fuller delivery, which he squeezed and slowly joined the bat. Shankar would have ended up with another wicket if Rashid Khan hadn’t let De Kok go in the 13th. In the end, Shankar finished 2/19, his best performance with the ball in an IPL game.

“I just tried to slow down. With the new ball it came in handy on the bat, we just had a plan to slow down as much as we could. It had a good pace and it also sat we got well when we bowled at normal speed. The changes worked a lot for us “It looked (like) a very good gate, it’s important that we get 20 overs and give us a good chance to chase that total,” he explained later.

Rashid and Mujib skillfully assisted Shankar when Mumbai stopped in the middle of the frame, finishing only 54 for three in this phase.

Johnny Bairstow as an opener works for SRH

Sunrisers made four changes to the game against Mumbai, one of which was dropped Wriddhiman Saha to promote Bairstow as an opener. And returning to his familiar place, Bairstow showed his team why he should not lower it again in the squad, as he broke 43 of 22 at a speed of 195.45, tied with three limits and four sixes, one of which smashed the refrigerator in the SRH dugout.

Bairstow’s blitzkrieg hammer helped SRH build 57 powerless runs in PowerPlay. Warner, 15 to 18, played Beirstow’s second script (41 to 18) in this phase.

Should Mumbai have attracted Rahul Chahar earlier in the attack?

Rahul fired Johnny Beirstow twice in the T20s in eight balls for just 4, the most recent being in the limited series between India and England last month. And in the IPL, as of 2018, Bairstow has been fired nine times by a right-handed spinner, at most against each variety, averaging only 29, at least against each variety. However, Warner had a score of 10.90 against Chahar, so Mumbai waited to introduce him to the attack.

He entered the same number over 9 – as in the chase against Kolkata Knight Riders and turned the tables for the pursuit team after that.

Another chase, another disintegration of SRH from the middle order

In the first seven overs, the SRH was 67 without a loss, with the required equation being 84 out of 78 with a well-placed opening pair in the middle. But one moment of unhappiness and another field brilliance caused another crash for SRH in IPL 2021. Bairstow was fired with a hit in the early 8th Hardik PandyaThe brilliant throw knocked Warner down for 36 in the 12th. Between, Manish Pandi, seeking to meet his critics, was fired, playing an aggressive kick, going out on the field at a distance of only 2 out of 7. And out of 90 for three for 11.3 overs, SRH lost 7 goals in a space of 49 balls in just 47 runs , Shankar scored 28 out of 25.

In SRH’s first game of the season, against KKR in the same spot, the team disbanded during its chase of 188, losing its last five goals in just 30 runs in 22 deliveries. In its second game, against RCB, SRH lost six weekends in an interval of just 23 deliveries from the start of the 16th over, resulting in just 27 runs, thus falling six runs from the target.

Since 2019, SRH has pursued 20 times, with only 9 ending with a winning note, with a 45 percent profit margin together with RCB during the period.



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