IPL 2021 | Talking points from the game CSK vs. RR: How the Rotating Fingers wrote the script for the collapse of the Pianos

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Ravindra Jadea

The dew factor conquered Deepak Chahar as the Rajasthan Royals’ starting pair gave a promising start to their 189 chase at Wanhead Stadium. Was 188/9 a good result in the end? An hour later, Rajasthan was left with only 95 left, and Rahul Tevatiya was their last hope. The rotating pair of Mouen Ali and Ravindra Jadea spun the game in a four-frame spell to bury all hopes for Rajasthan in the battle for consistency in IP 2021.

Should CSK release Ruturaj Gaikwad as their opener?

Gaikwad retained its place at the top of the order under three consecutive half-centuries at the end of CSK’s unforgettable season in the UAE. However, Gaikwad quietly started the new season, scoring just 20 runs in 37 balls in three assists of 6.66, which included 13-ball 10, which he recorded in the match against Rajasthan Royals. This directly affected Chennai’s rating in PowerPlay this season. Standing at the bottom of this table, CSK has scored 5.7 runs this season, almost three runs less than the highest-ranked Delhi Capitals. CSK is generally the worst team in PowerPlay since IPL 2020, with a score of 6.48.

According to former cricketer Sanjay Manjakar, CSK could promote Moeen Ali at the top of the order, which will also provide a left-right combination and also allow them to give way to Krishnapa Gowtham, who was introduced for a record INR of 10.75. crowns. CSK can still afford to beat deep and have an extra bowler in their arsenal.

“CSK have a great depth of watts. Dwayne Bravo comes in 9th and Sam Quran in 8th and that says a lot about their depth of watts. So I would like a change, although it would be unfair of him after his performances last season – run Ruturaj and promote Moeen as an opener. This will give them a different kind of start with a left-right combination. Moeen also performed well in the previous game and the pair will look great for CSK at the top, “Manjekar said in exclusive interview with India TV Cricket.

Television in India - Moeen Ali

Image source: IPLT20.COM

Mouen Ali

Moeen opened only twice in the IPL before scoring 14 runs in 10 balls. However, in the T20 leagues, he opened 37 times, scoring 1,116 runs in 699 balls at an impact speed of 159.7 with a century and six fifty

CSK also has experienced Robin Utapa, who was traded by the Rajasthan Royals before this season to replace Gaikwad.

The pace of the left hand provides some respite from the Raina-Rayudu threat

After Moeen was canceled by Tewatia’s short googly, Sanju Samson looked to her spinning duo to take on the experienced pair of Raina and Rayudu. But both Riyan Parag and Tewatia were closed for four sixes as the spinning pair allowed 30 runs in two overs. CSK’s result subsequently jumped to 112 for three of the 12 overs, forcing Samson to return to his left rhythms.

As of 2019 in the IPL, Rayudu has a hit rate of 101.6 against the variety with five dismissals in 63 balls, at least against each bowling type. While it may have been a conscious decision to return to his rhythms, the goal was probably to get rid of Rayudu. However, even Raina is showing a fight against the variety at a rate of 117.8 against this type of bowling with four layoffs in 45 balls after IPL 2019.

Unadkat ran just eight runs on his return before young Chetan Sakariya delivered both wickets and a change of pace was key. Against the short ball, Rayudu was ordered to cut it straight at Parag while covering the sweeper. Three deliveries later, Sakaria made a fuller delivery and Raina made room to lift him, but failed to lift until he opened it to Morris in the middle of the middle.

Should CSK have sent Sam Quran before MS Dhoni on №6?

According to CricViz, Dhoni’s scoring percentage in the first 10 balls of his inning (min. 10 innings) of IPL 2020 is 5.2 runs in one period, only better than Shane Watson, a former CSK player. During the same period, the CSK captain recorded a positive batting impact in only three of his 14 IPL innings.

Indian Television - MS Dhoni

Image source: IPLT20.COM

MS Dhoni

As CSK still has a speed of around 10 after the dismissal of Raina and Raidu in the 14th, the team could have looked even faster with the inclusion of Sam Quran, who by then had scored twice 38 shots in 28 balls in two games in strike rate of 135.7. But it was Dhoni who came in and managed an 18-ball 17. CSK’s running speed dropped to 8.4 at the time of his dismissal. Curan came in to score 13 out of six.

How did Chennai get 188 then?

Four players – Ruturaj (10 of 13), Raina (18 of 15), Dhoni (18 of 17) and Jadeja (8 of 7) – combined to score at 6.23 runs per period. The other five – Du Plessis (33 of 17), Moeen (26 of 20), Rayudu (27 of 17), Curran (13 of 6) and Bravo (20 of 8) – combined to score 10.5 power runs. Chennai to 188 for nine. If Raina, Dhoni and Gaikwad played to their full potential, Chennai would probably look at a score of 200 plus. Should Chennai look for more players with better SRs to optimize their chances of winning and then reach the playoffs?

Rosa conquers Deepak Chahar

In the previous game, Chahar finished with one of his best performances in the IPL with the new ball with the numbers 4 for 13, three of which were selected in PowerPlay. On the back of the run, Chahar made three overs in PowerPlay and in the game against Rajasthan, but was smashed to four limits and six, four of those shots coming out of Butler’s bat, when Chahar ran 32 runs at an economic pace of 10.70. It was Sam Koran who secured a breakthrough, eliminating Manan Vohra, the other opening player, for 14 in the fourth.

Royal collpase script rotation rings

As of 2019, Butler has a hit rate of 160.4 against slow left-handers, the most against any bowling alley, falling only once on 73 balls, scoring 111 for 13 assists. However, a moment of brilliance changed his fate and that of the Rajasthan Royals. at the 12th end, a run less than his fifties, Butler looked like Jadea for a single, the ball spun incredibly past his bat to jingle against the stump. Butler left in 49 years and this began the royal collapse.

Hitting a second time at the same time, Jadeja rejected the troubled Shivam Dubois before Mouen Ali came from around the door to catch Miller in front of the middle stump. And later, he returned to fire Ryan Parag and Chris Morris as Rajasthan fell from 87 for three in 11.1 overs to 95 for 7 in 14.3 overs.



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