IPL 2021: Moeen Ali adds comprehensive value to CSK, says head coach Fleming

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Image source: IPLT20.COM

CSK head coach Stephen Fleming during a virtual press conference in Mumbai on Monday night.

Chennai Super Kings head coach Stephen Fleming believes the England player Mouen Ali has strengthened the team as it gives it all-round value that was missed in the latter IPL season. Fleming said Ali’s impressive number 3 run-up has contributed to the team, which has been doing well so far this season.

“He adds an all-encompassing aspect to our game that we missed last year,” Fleming told Ali, who hit 26 and came back with a 3/7 figure in CSK’s 45-time victory over Rajasthan Royals on Monday night. “His contribution was exactly what we were looking for. We are absolutely pleased with the way he started.”

The head coach said that his team has not yet played “a good 20 overs with the bat”, but is still getting high results.

“I’m really excited about the way we play. The long resource we have, we use and we put a lot of pressure on the opposition. So we play a positive brand all the time,” said the former New Zealand captain.

He said captain Mahendra Singh Doni will be fine as he spends more time in the middle. Donnie scored 18 of 17 balls after coming out at number five.

“Yes, his form is recovering, every time he gets a few balls in the middle, he will get better and better,” Fleming said. “There will be opportunities where we would probably like to throw MS Dhoni as in (Ravindra) Judea and others. “

Fleming said that because of the “many resources” his team has, he faces the challenge of managing the order of the watts.

“Right now we’re just trying to be stable and look for simple parts of the game and what conditions they give us in terms of how we can attack. We know we have a lot of wadding and the way we play is really encouraging. We we have not collected perfect innings in any way, but the captain will be a big part of it ahead, “added Fleming.

He said the team would continue to support opening-up Ruturaj Gaikwad, 10, despite struggling and failing for the third straight game.

“Robin Utapa is waiting and Ruturaj has little time last year with the way he plays. You know our philosophy, we give our players a good move.

“What they want to try and do is that the intention is there, the time is great. We will continue to support it. At some point we will decide to change it. We are discussing it quite difficult, but at the moment we are supporting a good young player.” he added.

He said there was not much dew on the gate, which is a good sign.

“The terrain was a bit drier and there wasn’t much dew, so there were a lot of opportunities in the second inning. But it won’t be like that in the next game. So we went back to the gym, making sure we appreciated more, “he added.

CSK’s next game is Kolkata Knight Riders on Wednesday.



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