IPL 2021 | Lucky to play when many are unable to do what they like: Rohit Sharma for the life of bio-bubbles

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The Indian star batsman Rohit Sharma says he is lucky enough to play cricket at a time when many living outside the safety of bioprotected bubbles are struggling to do their favorite activities.

On the eve of the 14th IPL, the five-time defender of champion Mumbai Indians, Captain Rohit talks about life in a bubble, a new normal situation needed by the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many people are going through hard times, many people are not able to work, they are not able to do what they like. At least we are lucky to do what we like,” Rohit said in a video posted by his franchise on Twitter.

“At least I’m happy to play cricket, which I love at the end of the day. If we have to adjust, we have to adjust. And try to see how you can get the best out of this bubble life too,” the deputy added on Thursday. -the captain of the white ball of India.

The long-awaited MI opener will take over They grow kohliRoyal Challengers Bangalore at Chinnaswami Stadium here.

He said the country’s memorable recent triumphs against strong teams such as England and Australia would give a lot of confidence to Indian cricket.

“… The whole world saw what we did there in Australia. The performance we presented as a team was so nice to see, especially from the younger players who have just joined the team. Taking responsibility, rising to the occasion, which was so great to watch.

“So it was Australia and then we played England in India. Beating England again in all three formats. All the players raised their hands.

“England is a very, very competitive country and they have done really well in the last few years. And to beat a team like this gives us a lot of confidence to move forward,” said the prolific goal scorer.

Rohit also recalled the time spent in a balloon in the UAE during last year’s IPL. “It was a little difficult for me because I was injured during the IPL and I had to go back and fix my hamstring. So it wasn’t easy and then we had a very challenging tour in Australia after that and I missed quite a bit of it.

“We had some good times in the bubble, especially during the IPL in the UAE, we had solid memories that we created.

“Plus the bubble life in Australia and now in India, when we played against England. It was good, we met a lot of players who don’t usually leave their rooms.

“So we had the team room, where we were shrinking and cooling off, and we talked about a lot of things that were nice, which I think has changed since the previous year. It’s nice to have company around and this connection going, ” he said.

Entering the lucrative league as one of the favorites, Rohit’s MI will finish the hat-trick for title triumphs if they win the IPL this year.



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