IPL 2021: Jasprit Bumrah one of the best bowling, makes my job easier: Trent Boult

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Bumrah conceded just 14 runs in his four overs and took one door while MI pulled out SRH for 137 after setting them a 151-mile target.

Jasprit bumrah is “one of the best bowling to death” in the game, starred a New Zealand sailor star Trent Bult after the Indian pace the spearhead again played a key role in the Mumbai Indian triumph against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Bumrah conceded just 14 runs in his four overs and took one wicket while MI pulled out SRH for 137 after setting them a 151-mile target.

“It’s great to see a man (Bumrah) operate like that. How clear he is with what he’s doing with the ball throughout his spell,” Boult said after MI beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 13 runs on Saturday.

The dynamic duo of Boult and Bumrah combines great in the created MI. The two aired a sensational performance in the latest edition to help their team win an unprecedented fifth title.

“But at the time of his death, I personally believe he is one of the best bowlers in the world. He makes my job much easier,” he added.

“It’s always nice to be on the right in these situations. We hope we can get some momentum in this tournament.”

While spinner Rahul Chahar (3/19) and Bult (3/28) made the heavy lift with the ball, Kiwi said it was a team effort.

“It is difficult to point out a performance there. Great credit to the whole country for being there. We knew that we were missing a few points from the nominal result.

“But we also knew it was a terrain where you could fight. And if you get a few leashes, you can really go back in pursuit.

“I thought a few direct hits from Hardik (Pandya) and the three kites from Rahul were important when we were bowling. And then Bumrah there, bowling his four shots in just 14, was pretty amazing,” he added.

Mumbai has managed to defend the results under the previous two matches and Bult believes that accuracy is vital while bowling in Chepauk.

“The contrast between Wankhede and Chepauk Stadium is quite high. It seems to swing well and is a perfect surface in Mumbai.

“Here as a bowling pace you have to be extremely punctual. The key really was our ability to collect point balls and keep pushing the speed of running.”

MI plan to play their first five games here before moving to Delhi.

“It gives us a chance to settle down at the venue. But the key is obviously to read the terms as quickly as possible and make the most of them really.

“So, this is a unique situation. Here we have five, four in Delhi, move a little. But, I think that especially in the first half of the tournament you obviously get the right side of a few results and it’s good to win these two victories in the last two match, ”he said.



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