IPL 2021 | Jade’s quilting has changed significantly over the last few years and it’s worth taking some time: Dhoni

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MS Dhoni

Good at everything Ravindra JadejaThe significant improvement in watts convinced his Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Doni to give him “those extra supplies” that could change the complexion of the game.

Judea nearly beat Royal Challengers Bangalore with one hand with 69 runs, while India’s all-rounder smashed 62 instead of 28 balls, except to take three straps and make a run.

“Jaddu is a man who can change the game on his own. We’ve seen a significant change in wadding over the last few years and it’s worth giving him that extra little time, extra supplies,” Donnie said at the match presentation post when asked to send Jade. to number 5.

The other aspect is that leftists are hard to control when they leave, as Jadea showed with 37 runs from Harshal Patel. “Bowling has been difficult to contain left-handers, and that also helps,” Donnie said.

The player of the match stated that he has never had a better day on the cricket field. “Don’t think so (if there was a better day). I worked hard on my fitness, skills, everything. Fortunately, it paid off. It was hard work to do comprehensively, you have to do all the departments,” Jadea said.

Asked how he works on his routine, Jadea said, “During training, I don’t work on all three, but on skills work one day, training one day, fitness one day.”

Jadea said his captain had warned him that Harshal would be bowling off the field and he had taken a risk. “I was just trying to hit him hard. Mahi Bai told me he was going to be bowling somewhere outside and luckily I got in touch.”

Donnie felt that no one could predict the amount of victory, but after 190, he knew they were 25 tracks above face value. “It’s a good leash, but I felt that the spinners had something up their sleeves, and I felt that a few extra runs that Jadea did helped. 165 would be equivalent and once you get 25 more, the opposition should come a little harder. .

“You can’t make your strategy by accepting what the dew will do – honestly, some games have a high score, others a low score. You have to evaluate every game and today we made the right decision for the bat.”

Donnie also wanted to clarify that CSK did nothing different from last year. “We are not doing anything drastically different from what we did last year. Fleming and I keep repeating that we are focusing on the process.

“You earn more respect if you keep following your path when you’re under pressure. I think that’s something that gave a lot of confidence to the players. Credit to the players.”



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