IPL 2021: In Delhi, bookmakers hire a cleaner to make the “field” during the game, says the head of BCCI ACU

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IPL 2021: In Delhi, bookmakers hire a cleaner to do “terrain siding” during an IPL game: BCCI ACU chief

Recently stopped IPL witnessed potential corrupt officials who involved an accredited cleaner at Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi to make a “siding” that helps to bet ball in ball, revealed the head of the BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit Shabir Hussein Shehadam Handwalala.

The new mode of action was observed during one of the IPL games in New Delhi, where a certain janitor used the time lag between the actual action of the match and the live TV coverage to help bet on a ball, which is also known. such as Korean siding or terrain siding.

Pitch-siding is the practice of transmitting information from sporting events for the purpose of gambling or direct betting.

“One of my ACU officers caught a man and passed the data to the Delhi police. While this particular offender managed to escape, leaving behind his two mobile phones, the ACU filed a complaint with the Delhi police,” Hussein, a former police director general. in Gujarat, told PTI on Wednesday.

“We are grateful to the police in Delhi that in a separate incident they caught two other people from Kotla on a signal from the ACU.”

Police in Delhi arrested two people with fake accreditation cards during an IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and SunRisers Hyderabad on May 2.

“So, in two separate days, these people were able to gain access to the Cauldron. The one who escaped came in the clothes of a janitor. However, we have all his data, as he was hired for the tournament. He was given the data of Aadhar Card to the Delhi police, “Hussein said.

“I’m convinced he’ll be stabbed in a day or two. He’s a little frog who works for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars,” the ACU supremo said.

But he agreed that lower staff could be used by a larger union, as COVID-19 does not have access to hotels, taking into account biosecurity measures.

“… as situations and circumstances change, so does the way the crime works. But we are ready for that,” Husseid said.

So how did the cleaning staff get under the ACU radar?

“He was standing (inside the premises of Feroz Shah Kotla) in a secluded area alone, so one of our officers approached and asked him, ‘What are you doing here? “

“He said, ‘Main girlfriend apne se baat kar raha hoon.’ (I’m talking to my girlfriend).

“Then my officer asked him to dial the number he was talking to, and then asked him to hand over the phones. Just as he was reviewing the contents of his phone, the man fled the scene,” Hussein revealed, but did not reveal during which match. the incident happened.

More interestingly, he carried the IPL accreditation card that all Class IV employees receive during the tournament, from bus drivers to cleaners, movers, and so on.

“It was one of the evening matches in Delhi. He had an I-card. Also what aroused suspicion was that he had two mobile devices,” he said.

“The information he can provide may be to someone more influential among the bookmakers, so we had to inform the Delhi police. The Delhi police responded positively and thus two people were arrested.”

Hussain also confirmed that the ACU had not received a complaint about corrupt approaches to players or support staff involved in the IPL during the 29 games.

“Obviously, with a bio bubble and no crowd around, it certainly becomes a little easier to manage, as there is no physical proximity to (face-to-face encounters with players) suspicious characters. When there is a crowd, it becomes difficult to check everyone and everyone, ”Hussein said.

He added that during his leg in Mumbai, the hotel where the SunRisers Hyderabad team was staying had three people with questionable past records and whose names were there in the ACU database. However, they could not get in touch with the players.

“As soon as we received the information, we got in touch with the Mumbai police. The Mumbai police commissioner immediately realized and the Mumbai police got the three,” he added.



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