IPL 2021: Hardik Pandya did not join IPL due to shoulders

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Photo of Hardik Pandja’s file.

Good at everything Hardik Pandya did not buy in the last three IPL shoulder matches he took during the ODI final against England, Mumbai Indians head coach Mahela Jayauardene said on Monday.

“… we were looking forward to him bowling this season … he was coming back from injury, but after those games against England, the last ODI, I believe he’s clinging, so that’s something we’re breastfeeding right now,” Jayavardene said. during a virtual press conference.

However, the former Sri Lankan batsman hoped that Hardick would be able to return to bowling in the next few weeks.

“We don’t want to take risks because it’s important to make sure that he (Hardick) is able to come in comfortably and buy. So hopefully in the next few weeks, with a little work and all that, we can see how bowling, “he said.

“It’s not that we’re deliberately trying not to bowl it, we’d love to bowling it, but as soon as the jingle is off and it feels comfortable, we should be able to use that asset as well.”

However, the 27-year-old from Baroda was in the middle of things and made two key victories, dismissing David Warner and Abdul Samad, in his team’s 13 victories over Sunrisers Hyderabad in their last match.

“We’ve always used Hardick on the border line because of his speed and he has a good throwing hand and his ability to hunt,” Jayawarden said.

“The last few games, as he was having fun in the shoulder, we kept him at 30 yards and he proved the value of that by taking a few shots because he’s agile.”

Rahul Chahar has taken seven wickets in the last two games, and Jayawardene said the young foot spinner has improved his bowling.

When we started playing with him (Chahar), I believe it was the 2019 season where he had a breakthrough, even in the UAE last season, he bowled well, but he had his ups and downs, he was not consistent in performance, but every year we see improvement in Rahul, “he said.

“Keep in mind that he is still a young player and he is also learning, he is challenged by various oppositions, some players of the highest class.

“Rahul is constantly training, but very happy with the way he came out, and he is one of our leaders in this bowling group, especially in this spin department with Krunal (Pandya).”

The Mumbai Indians of the midfield got confused in their last game, but Jayawardene said it was just a day off and he was generally pleased with the performance.
“Overall we are very happy, but knowing Rohit, he will push the boys, every time we do not achieve these grades, he will raise him and he wants to improve and this is the team culture we have. There are areas where we could improve, “said the 43-year-old.

Speaking about the wickets in Chennai, Jayawardene said: “They are not playable straps, they are good, competitive straps. And (adapting) to the challenges is always key for any batsman or any team.

“We’ve been consistent with this approach, it’s challenging, but our bowling has adapted pretty well.”
The Mumbai Indians will face Delhi on Tuesday.



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