IPL 2021 | Glad to see batsmen adjust to Chepauk, says DC captain Rishab Pant

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IPL 2021 | Glad to see batsmen adjust to Chepauk, says DC captain Rishab Pant

Delhi Capitals skipper Rishab Pant said it was good to see his batsmen quickly adjust to the Chepauk track after playing the first three games on more comfortable ground at Wankhede.

Delhi Capitals defeated the Mumbai Indians by six weeks IPL on Tuesday, their first victory over five-time champions in five matches.

“This (the trip) is a bit challenging because of Covid. But I don’t think as a team we focus too much on all of that because BCCI did really well to give us a good bubble and travel stuff.

“So we focus more on cricket and it’s good to see people adapt to the pitch like that, especially when you come from Wanhead,” Pant told a post-match press conference.

Delhi promoted universal Lalit Yadav and Pant said the team’s management was trying to cut his hair.

“He (Lalit) is a good young man and we try to cut his hair and we thought about this kind of wicket, he can do wonders. Yes, it’s good to see some maturity from him,” said the captain.

Pant said he focused on match scenarios rather than matches.

Asked about his match against Jasprit bumrahPant said, “As a player, you don’t focus too much on matches because (it doesn’t matter) what you do or what you did before, every day is a new day in cricket.

“And as you can see, they bowled it (Bumrah) because at that time they had to bowl it, there was no other option and I had to go for my photos because we were chasing, so I think you have to focus on the scripts a lot. more than coincidences. “

Asked about the leadership aspect, Pant, who replaced the wounded Shrias Ayer while the Delhi Capitals captain said, “As a goalie I keep reading the game and it helped me a lot, but with the seniors and Ricky Ponting in our guide, I think it’s going well. wonderful. “

He also defended his opponent skipper Rohit SharmaThe decision to stop the bat said he would do the same if he won the throw.

“We also thought of fighting first, so I don’t think it was a bad decision,” Pant signed.



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