IPL 2021 Exclusive: Anjum Chopra points out the main dilemma for CSK orders after PBKS victory

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IPL 2021 Exclusive: Anjum Chopra points out the main dilemma about the order of watts for CSK after PBKS game

It’s raining made a bright start to 2021 IPL campaign. He hit half a century against Delhi Capitals, playing a key role in directing CSK’s total to 188/7 in the game. CSK lost the game, but Raina’s inning was positive for the country.

However, the left-hander failed to increase in the country’s second game against the Punjab Kings. Besides, it was the short ball; Raina’s main weakness over the years, which did the trick for the Kings, as Raina was fired behind her back.

In the Indian television show Cricket Damaka, Sanjay Manjakar spoke about Raina’s dismissal.

“The other teams need to notice how Raina is fired against the Punjab Kings. The lesson from this game should be less bowling and more pace against Raina. His problems with short balls continue to this day,” said Mandjekar.

“Delhi Capitals mainly played spinners against Raina, which was a mistake on their part.”

Former Indian captain for women Anjum Chopra also pointed out that while Mouen AliThe presence of number three strengthens CSK, Raina and Rayudu, who drop to four and five respectively, could be a problem for the country.

“The short ball has always been a weak point for Raina. Another thing is that Raidu used to go down one by one or open the wadding in the previous seasons for CSK. Now both Raina and Raidu are slowly going down in the wadding line.

“The big question is whether the two batsmen are suitable to play in these positions or not,” Chopra said.



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