IPL 2021: Australian players can fly to the UK with players from England and India on a charter flight, Maxwell suggests

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Photo of Glenn Maxwell’s file.

Star Australian station wagon Glenn Maxwell says he, along with other cricketers in his country, would not mind being on the same charter flight that would take players from India, New Zealand and England to the UK after IPL.

A senior BCCI official agreed that the option could be explored in light of international travel guidelines in the last week of May, as all commercial flights from India to Australia are currently banned due to COVID-19 cases in the sky here.

“We just want to find a way to go home. BCCI, both governments can find a solution. If we have to wait a little longer, so be it, but there is a way to go home at some point,” Maxwell told The Final Word Podcast “, conducted by journalists Jeff Limon and Adam Collins.

“India and England will play in England. The worst is the worst, we have to wait in England and try to find a way out in this charter flight and get out of India. I’m sure a lot of guys will try and they raised their hand, trying to do that, too, “Maxwell said.

India and New Zealand will compete in the final of the World Test Cup on June 18 and will fly to England after the end of the IPL. England’s Premier League players are expected to accompany them on the same flight.

BCCI cashier Arun Dumal said the idea could be explored, as BCCI is considering several options for the safe passage of all players from abroad back to their respective countries during travel restrictions.

“Traveling to England and going to Australia from there may have an opportunity that can be explored. There will be different options and obviously BCCI will try to take the safest one that does not compromise the health and safety of the players,” Dhumal told PTI.

For Maxwell, it’s about finding the safest route they can use once the IPL is over, as the bio-bubble is expected to break after that. There are 14 Australian players who still remain in the league after three draws.

“Once the IPL is over and potentially the bubble breaks, you don’t want to stay here, just try and find the safest way to move forward,” the Big Show said.

“This is something I sailed to Vinnie (fiancée), if things go exclusively south, much worse, what do we actually have to do if there is no help? I’m sure there will be help from BCCI to accommodate foreign players in the moment, “he added.

While Maxwell acknowledges that the health situation in India, with more than 3 million positive cases every day, is bleak, BCCI has managed to create a “hard bio-bubble.”

“That changed pretty quickly in India, but we were well protected in the bubble. We’re not really exposed too much (to the outside world). We just moved into the hotel, trying to stick to the franchise business as usual, that’s play your sport … “

Maxwell said that while he was in touch with Kane Richardson and Adam Zampa, who left for fear of being locked up after travel restrictions were imposed, he thought it wise to stay behind and wait for things to improve.

“This is probably a situation that I will be cautious about, making one of these decisions and somehow staying. Apparently the government has said it will close the borders of India and it is quite scary if you stay here.

“We just hope you come on May 15th, we hope things get better and there’s a lot of work here in India. You see countless people left in hospitals in need of that extra support a long way before it’s okay.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that because all Australians participating in the IPL had done it on their own, they would not receive preferential treatment in return aid.

“There are currently 5,000 Australians in India. We don’t want preferential treatment, we just hope things can start to rise in India and hope to find a way to get home safely.”

“We knew it was bad when we came here … We turn on the TV, the 24×7 news channels … It’s hard to swallow. We had 700 cases in Australia at one point. That’s nothing compared to what happened here,” he said.



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