IPL 2021: After MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja should become CSK captain, Vaughn says

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Photo file of MS Dhoni (right) and Ravindra Jadeja.

After Mahendra Singh Doni, who has led the Chennai Super Kings since its inception in 2008, who will receive the CSK captaincy is a big question. About MS Dhoni, who retired from international cricket last August, CSK’s CEO recently clarified that this will not be the last year for Dhoni with CSK. Hearing this answer, fans were a little relieved, but the question has not yet changed who will be CSK’s successor after Donnie closed his trunk.

Now the former England captain has given his opinion on this big issue. After Donnie retires, Vaughn wants to see Ravindra Jadea taking over the baton from MSD. Vaughn believes that CSK should build a team around Judea.

Speaking to Cricbuzz, Vaughn said: “You can say that Dhoni will play for another 2-3 years, but honestly, it would be better for him not to play after that. Ravindra Jadea is the cricket player around whom I will build the team. I think he is good on the field with the ball, his mentality with the bat in his hand, his mentality is very good. “

He added: “For me, Jadea is the kind of player you can say will beat number 4 or 5, get there early. We can also start bowling with you, depending on who beats. We will put your position. in an important field. He’s ready for that. I think he’s good cricket. “

Vaughn said that Sam Quran is also an option that is being talked about, but I don’t think he is ready for that at the moment, he is quite young for the job.



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