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Is the sand in Tahoe, California, USA magnetic? Well, that’s what an iPhone user thought recently. In a Reddit post, user bopete1313 shared a photo of the back of his iPhone covered in iron debris. The picture shows the iron neatly arranged around the camera, speakers and MagSafe ring, while the rest of the phone was clean. He wrote in the caption: “The sand in Tahoe is magnetic and sticks to my phone.” However, forgetting about the user, the MagSafe charging system contains many magnets.

The user failed to realize that MagSafe technology separated the iron from the sand, which made it appear that the sand had magnetic properties. In addition to MagSafe, the rest of the iPhone is also full of magnets – between the speakers and the image stabilizers in the cameras.

In response to the post, another user, Mixedbysaint, said that the particles attracted by the magnet were iron, adding that the sand was not “magnetic”. “If the sand itself was magnetic, it would cling to more than that magnetic material under the iPhone,” the user said.

K1NG_itai, another user, said iPhone users should say goodbye to the speakers.

Another user, MoFauxTofu, said that things that are magnetic are also highly conductive. “You don’t want sand in your phone, but you really don’t want that sand in your phone,” the user wrote.

“It’s not magnetic. I grew up spending weekends in Tahoe. The phone is magnetic and attracts iron shavings,” wrote another user, bumbletowne.

Finally, a user asked the name of the ring around which the iron is located.

“Is there a permanent magnet in the wireless charging hardware?” BrexSkunk asked.

“Yes, it’s part of the MagSafe charging system,” replied a user, ColgateSensifoam.

While the image looked interesting and even made the phone owner believe he had made an amazing discovery, a report AppleInsider said that regular exposure to sand will damage the glass on the back of the device, scratch the display and even damage the camera lens.

The report also recommends not trying this at home, adding that if an iPhone user is ever around sand – on the beach or in the desert – you need to ensure that the phone’s ports are well covered.

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