iPhone 12 Series crosses the 100 million mark in seven months: Counterpoint

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Cumulative global sales of the iPhone 12 have crossed the 100 million mark in the seven months since its launch, according to an analysis by Counterpoint Research. In April 2021, Apple managed to overcome this important moment for the iPhone 12, two months faster than the iPhone 11. This means that the iPhone 12 is Apple’s fastest-selling range from the iPhone 6. Counterpoint claims that the iPhone range 12 has been more widely accepted due to the support of 5G for all models and OLED displays even on non-professional models.

Counterpoint research too he says that users have preferred the highest class version of iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 Pro Max sales are 29% of total series sales, compared to a 25% share for iPhone 11 Pro Max last year. According to Counterpoint, this is one of the reasons why the iPhone 12 series gained 22 percent more than the iPhone 11 series in the first seven months of its launch. Because of this, On Apple The ASP (average selling price) for his phones was the highest of all time.

Counterpoint says that although Apple did not connect the charger and headphones in the box, it does not appear to be a break in the deal, at least in the US, which accounted for 40% of global sales of the iPhone 12 Pro Max by April. The iPhone12 Pro Max is said to be the best-selling device in the United States, consistently since December 2020.

Detailing other reasons for the success of the iPhone 12 series, Counterpoint explains: “The iPhone 12 series was also relatively less affected by the pandemic than iPhone 11 series. Also, consumers who kept on their devices last year due to the pandemic, upgraded to the 12th series. “



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