India’s success thanks to focus on red ball cricket, contribution of former players: Kamran Akmal

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India’s success thanks to focus on red ball cricket, contribution of former players: Kamran Akmal

Former Pakistani goalkeeper Kamran Akmal said that Indian cricket is going through a golden period because the country has never “compromised its cricket with a red ball” and also because former cricketers are strongly involved in the development of the game.

India reached the initial final of the World Test Championship (WTC) with a series of victories against England and Australia, among other things, and will meet Kane WilliamsonNew Zealand at the Southampton Summit from 18 to 22 June.

“India has not compromised with its red ball cricket. At the school level, India has two-day, three-day cricket. Today, they have a pool of 50 players because Indian cricket attaches great importance to test cricket.

“Among all the legends of Indian cricket, except MS Dhoni, no one withdrew after playing cricket with a white ball. Everyone else played a Test match like their last. This gives us a great idea of ​​their vision: how to build a team, how to bring players into the Indian squad, “Akmal said on his YouTube channel.

Akmal also praised India’s internal structure, which he said was also one of the reasons for the team’s success.

“Their players from the white ball or from list A, when they appear on the international stage, have already played 40 to 50 games. Take the example of Suryakumar Yadav, who recently made his debut in India after a long wait. Most of these players have minimal internal experience of four to five years. When they join the Indian team, they are already mature enough. “

He also praised the contributions of former cricketers such as Rahul Dravid and foot spinner Anil Cumble and VVS Laxman, saying their contribution was a key aspect of India’s success.

“The thinking of Indian cricket is commendable. Look at all the Indian legends of the 90’s – from Rahul Dravid to Anil Campbell to VVS Laxman – they all play Indian cricket in one way or another. This helps a new generation. And not just for IPL; they also watch home cricket, be it Virender Sehvag or Yuvraj Singh. They (India) have not changed their (brand) cricket, but they have raised their existing level “, added Akmal.



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