Indian women will dominate when as many thoughts enter their game as men: Isa Guha

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Indian women’s cricket team

Former England cricketer Isa Guha said on Sunday that there were still differences between men’s and women’s cricket, but expressed optimism that the Indian women’s team would do as well as their famous male counterparts if it entered. “equal amount of thoughts”

In several tweets, she pointed out the areas that need to be addressed by stakeholders in the game in order to “achieve justice”.

She also called for the need to have a strong players’ association for the well-being of women’s play.

“Women feel grateful for the progress, but much remains to be done to achieve justice (and it’s not just equal pay). Player associations are a vital part of achieving this. “Indian women will dominate the stage when a lot of thought is put into their game like men,” Isa tweeted.

“While men are at a different level, there are still shares at a basic level in the well-being of players. Things like payments / contract terms, welfare support networks, internal professional support structure, maternity provisions, retirement are all that can be gained from having a pa (player association). “

Indian women in cricket, who made the finals of last year’s World T20 in Australia, will receive their share of the $ 500,000 prize pool by the end of this week, a senior BCCI official told PTI on Sunday after it became clear that they were will still be paid.

A report by the British newspaper The Telegraph quoted an official from the Federation of the International Cricket Association (FICA) as saying that the BCCI would still pay the cash prizes at a global event held in February-March last year.

India were led by Harmanpreet Kaur at the championship event, where they lost to Australia in the final, watched by more than 85,000 people at the iconic cricket ground in Melbourne.



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