Indian Olympic-related shooters to be vaccinated Thursday before touring Croatia

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Indian Olympic shooters will be vaccinated on Thursday before leaving for Zagreb, Croatia on May 11th on a charter flight to participate in the European Championships, the National Shooting Association of India (NRAI) announced on Monday.

The competition is scheduled to take place from May 20th to June 6th, and the team will stay in Zagreb for training before heading directly to Tokyo to take part in the Olympic Games, which begin in July.

“All arrangements have been made jointly with the Croatian Shooting Federation,” the country’s sports leadership said in a statement.

“NRAI has also arranged a charter flight for the entire squad to fly to Zagreb to maximize the threat of infection.”

India is facing a devastating second wave of COVID-19, which has left the healthcare system in complete failure, with most hospitals struggling with basic supplies such as oxygen, ventilators, beds and life-saving drugs.

The top body said the shooters would be vaccinated on Thursday before leaving.

“It was also announced that all team members, including coaches and officials, will be vaccinated by May 6, 2021, before they leave,” NRAI said.

“The NRAI has also housed the private coaches and support staff of the shooters in the agreement.”

Last month, India selected a 15-member team for the Tokyo Olympics.



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