Indian men’s hockey team draws 4-4 against Argentina in practice match

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The next India will face Argentina in the FIH Hockey Pro League match on April 11.

Olympic champions Argentina suppressed India’s chances for a second straight victory as they made a strong turnaround for a 4-4 draw in a tense training session here on Wednesday.

Varun Kumar (7th and 44th), Rajkumar Pal (13th), Rupinder Pal Singh (14th) scored for India, while Leandro Tolini (10th), Lucas Toscani (23rd), Ignacio Ortiz (42nd) and Lucas (57th) found the target for the host team.

India won the first practice match 4-3.

India started well with a well-structured attack that brought them three goals in the first quarter.

The first goal was courtesy of striker Mandeep Singh, who helped India win a penalty corner in the seventh minute, which was effortlessly converted by dragflicker Varun Kumar.

Although the early 1-0 lead put the hosts on their feet, they bounced back in the 10th minute when they won a computer.

Leandro Tolini, who scored twice in the previous match, came out with a well-executed drag to equalize.

However, India regained the lead with a goal by Rajkumar Pal in the 13th minute. He was assisted by Nilacanta Sharma, who was in good standing, demonstrating his skill as an attacking midfielder.

The next minute, a computer won by India striker Lalit Upadai saw Rupinder Pal Singh score a great goal, leading India to 3-1 in the 14th minute.

The second quarter began with the two teams trading computers with each other, but neither was successful. However, in the 23rd minute, the Argentine Lucas Toscani scored a fine goal to reduce India’s lead to 3-2.

Although India responded with an aggressive attack, they failed to create successful raids in the striking circle.

After a 10-minute break at halftime, both teams competed to dominate the ball and played a draw with each other to keep the pace up.

Argentina eventually managed to overcome the congestion this quarter by winning a computer that was well hit by Argentina’s attacking midfielder Ignacio Ortiz.

The equalizer 3-3 did not darken the spirit of India, as they successfully scored the fourth goal through striker Dilpreet Singh, who made a successful entry into the strike circle, winning India computer in the 44th minute.

Varun made no mistake in transforming the goal and regaining India’s lead.

With the visitors ahead with only a goal, the last quarter was a battle of nerves with the home team, which stepped on the gas to ensure a tie.

Although a computer was set up in the early minutes of the fourth quarter, it was well saved by India’s trustee Krishan Patak, but he couldn’t do much to stop it.

Goal on the field of Lucas in the 57th minute, thus the game ended in a stalemate with 4-4.

The next India will face Argentina in the FIH Hockey Pro League match on April 11 from 0130 IST.



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