India vs. England: Rohit Sharma under fire, eager to prove his worth in 2nd test

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Rohit Sharma

Although India skipper They grow kohli had confirmed before the first test that both Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gil will be continued throughout the series, the first likely to be under pressure when India takes over England in the second test at MA Chidambaram Stadium on Saturday.

Sharma, the senior of the two opening players, did well in 2019, when he was promoted in the order to open in Visakhapatnam against South Africa. He scored 176, 127, 14, 212, 6 and 21 for a total of 556 tracks at an average of 92.66 and all of those tracks went home.

The Mumbai batsman has not played for more than a year due to injury and Covid-19, and returned to Test Cricket only last month in Australia. The returns were quite ordinary. He made 26, 52, 44, 7, 6 and 12 for a total of 147 at an average of 24.50.

Sharma’s poor result affected India’s poor starts. When he joined XI for the third test in Sydney, India seemed to find a solution as he and Gil secured the team’s 70th and 71st starts. Until his return, India struggled to find suitable partnerships for the opening – 16, 27, 30, 8, 0, 7, 0, 16.

But after stands 70 and 71 with Gill, there was nothing worth noting for the next four innings in two tests. The two climbed 11 and 18 in the fourth and final test against Australia in Gabba and 19 and 25 in the first test against England in Chennai last week.

While Jill has received tracks even in the last four innings – 50 in the second inning in Chennai and 91 in the second inning in Brisbane, Sharma has made 44, 7, 6 and 12 in the last four innings.

What’s worse is that Sharma dumped his gate after it was settled. He looked good in the first passes in Brisbane at the age of 44, but indulged in a long bowling alley. Nathan Lyon on the irresponsible shot.

He was unlucky to get a good performance in both cases in the last test, but with India wanting to straighten out the series and desperately avoid defeat – a loss will mean they will be out of the race from the World Cup final, Sharma will have to to raise his game.

India could try someone like Washington Sundar to open up and push Sharma down. Or the host can contribute Mayank Agarwal who is on the team and who replaced Sharma after the second test in Australia.

But India deputy captain Adjinkya Rahane supported Sharma, saying that a few games do not make him a bad player.

“Rohit is an important member of our team. A great result doesn’t mean you have to make 100 or 150. In Australia he beat well, made important contributions. See if anyone has a working day, plays 3-4 bad innings, that doesn’t mean that he is a bad player. You have to support your player, “Rahane told the media on Thursday.

“Rohit is a player who has won a lot of games for us in the past. You can’t judge a player in 1-2 games or 4-6 innings. You know that someone like Rohit, if he sets up, he still plays big innings. He can to win matches for you. So it’s all about faith in that particular player. Like I said, Rohit is an important member of our team. I’m really glad he has it, “he added.



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