India could end the era of teams fighting abroad, says Jan Chapel

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The former Australian captain’s faith stems from the incredible depth of India’s talent and its recent success ratio.

Australia’s great Jan Chapel believes that India is likely to usher in an era of world cricket dominance, including success abroad.

The former Australian captain’s faith stems from the incredible depth of India’s talent and its recent success ratio.

“India’s recent successes in Australia – especially the latter – have only strengthened players’ faith in their ability to win in all circumstances,” Chapel wrote in ESPNcricinfo.

“In an era where teams are fighting overseas, India now has the depth of talent to change that pattern. It can no longer afford opponents to say when India is on their doorstep,” Just choose a series of fast bowls with long preparations. the series will be ours. “

The cricket expert believes that India can reproduce the dominance of the West Indian and Australian teams of the past, although it has become much more difficult now.

He recalled the times when talented players from both nations would struggle to make the game XI.

“The abundance of talent like this is reminiscent of the West Indies and Australia during dominant periods, when they overflowed with good players, many of whom struggled to make the first XI.

“Can India reproduce the dominant periods of the West Indies and Australia?” This is a much harder proposition these days, with the added form of play, great schedule and wealth of IPLnot to mention a bypass pandemic.

“However, India has finally done the equation correctly and as long as it avoids the pitfalls often associated with continued success, they are better prepared by each team to create an era of dominance. The rest of the cricket world beware. “

Chapel is amazed at the speed with which talented young people are leaving the Indian cricket ecosystem and attributes the team’s recent success to this.

“The emergence of such talents as Shubman Gil, Mohamed Siraj, Nawdiyip Saini, Washington Sundar, T. Natarajan and Aksar Patel would have been monumental if it had happened within three years, let alone three months, as it happened.

“And when you think that Shardul Thakur only excelled in his second game, and the exciting Rishabh Pant was the international winner in the match before his 20th appearance, it really is a rosy picture.

“A pink picture, that is, if you are a fan of India; for the rest of the cricket world, this creates a touch of fear.”

One of the smartest minds in international cricket at the time, Chappell added: “It’s even more impressive when you consider that of these newcomers only Gill and probably Siraj will play when each player is available to choose.

“The picture acquires real brilliance when you think that Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav, Prasid Krishna and Crowned Panda they have all made successful white ball debuts against England. “

He also spoke about the contributions of former Indian captains Surav Ganguli and Mahendra Singh Doni.

“It was MS Dhoni, born in Ranchi, whose success inspired young cricketers from remote areas to suddenly believe they could play for India.

“The fighting style of the fighter Sourav Ganguly encouraged all players in the Indian team to believe that they are equal to their opponents. This belief grew under the leadership of Dhoni, followed by the highly emotional leadership of They grow kohli. ”



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