IND vs. ENG: Understanding my body recovery has helped me play for so long, says Ishant Sharma

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Pace bowler Ishant Sharma, who is on the verge of becoming only the second Indian bowler to play 100 test matches after Kapil Dev, says that in the last few years, especially abroad, he has played one format – Test Cricket, and understanding the recovery process has helped him approaching a milestone at 32 years old.

The third test for India and England starts here on February 24th.

The right-handed bowler, who does not play a series of white balls, says he will give everything to India to qualify for the final of the World Test Championship, which will be played in June, as it is similar to the ICC 50-over World Cup final for a test specialist.

“Right now the next goal is to win the next game. I just want to win the next game and [help India] qualify for the final of the test championship. As I always say, I only have one format to play and it’s like the World Cup. The World Cup for me is like a World Cup. If we get to the final and win that, I think I will have the same feeling as you are playing in the ICC World Cup final or the Champions Trophy, “Sharma told the media on Monday.

Sharma said Indian bowling, reaching Kapil Dev’s 131-test record, was still out of his mind, adding that playing one format made it easier to quickly reach the 100-test mark.

“If you think about it in a positive way, then it gets easier and it’s better that I did it in one format. You’re grateful. That (playing one format) is also the reason I’m playing the 100th test. But I don’t I do think that if I had played cricket with a white ball, I would not have played 100 test matches. I am only 32. Maybe I would not have done it so fast, I would have done it later, “said the right-hand bowler from Delhi.

Sharma said he takes one game at a time.

“I really don’t think too far ahead because you never know what’s next. You’re just thinking about a game at a time. I understand my body and what kind of workout I need to do. I’m more professional in terms of I used to train very hard, but “I never thought about my recovery. Now, although I know that with age you have to do long spells. You have to take care of your recovery. I take care of myself. I think it pays off,” he said.

Sharma could have played its 100th test in Australia if it weren’t for the side tension during the Indian Premier League (IPL), which kept him away from the tour. However, he says he did not allow this to upset him.

“I would like to go to Australia and finish my 100th test match. But there are many things that are not in your hand. I could not go to Australia because of that [injury]. The sooner you forget things and move on, the more things become simple in life. This is what I have learned in my career. Forget everything and move on and don’t think about the past. I’m moving on to the next game. And I always focus on the next game, “said the bowler, who has been plagued by multiple injuries over the years.

The performance of bowling at a pace has been exceptional for the last three years. Since the beginning of 2018, he has taken 76 wickets in 20 test matches averaging 19.34, with four of his 11 shots with five wickets in his career coming during that period.

“I just played too many test matches outside India, so I managed to get so many wickets, because if you don’t play in India, how will you get a wicket. In India, spinners play a lot; fast bowling plays a different role. Most of the tests in the last two We played outside for years. That’s why I bowled a lot and defended at the door. That’s how I feel. “



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