IND vs. ENG, 3rd test The energy of 50,000 spectators puts pressure on the opposition: Virat Kohli

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They grow kohli

About 50,000 spectators will be able to watch the game in a facility that can accommodate 1,10,000 They grow kohli said their presence would make a huge difference.

“The crowds are really behind us and we saw in the second test, you know, the opposition is feeling the pressure.

“… you go out on the field and 30,000 fans whistle at you or you know, you clap when the bowling alley rushes into the bowl, plays on your head. We would like this atmosphere to be present, you know, to make life harder for the opposition and really to stand behind the team. “

Kohli also doesn’t see the orange seats in the stadium, which pose any visibility challenge for players, whether it’s during wadding or on the field.

So far, India has played only two tests with a pink ball. They won at home against Bangladesh in 2019, but recently lost heavily to Australia in Adelaide, where they were collected with their lowest total so far – 36.

Speaking about the experience his team has gained from the two outings, Collie said: “The last time we experienced that the first session was probably the best for a bat when the sun came out and the ball didn’t do much. But when it starts to get dark, especially during this Twilight, it becomes very complicated.

“The light changes, it’s hard to see the ball and then under the lights, it’s like playing the first session in the morning. In a normal test match the ball tends to swing a lot (in the morning). So, I think it’s a reversal of roles and something you have to set up pretty quickly, ”he explained.



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