IND vs. ENG 2nd test: Vata coach Rathour reveals conversation with Virat Koli after a duck in the 1st inning

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Image source: BCCI.TV

IND vs. ENG 2nd test: Vata coach Rathour reveals conversation with Virat Kohli after a duck in the 1st inning

India’s coach Vikram Rathur has provided insights into how the team prepared for the turn in Chennai for the second test against England.

On the pitch, which helped turn the bowling from the first ball, Rathour revealed that they were focused on the game of swing. However, he also added that it is not a compulsion for players to try it.

“Yes, we are,” Rathur said when asked if top-ranking batsmen were asked to consider the shot.

“We give them this option if they can practice cleaning or if they can continue to practice spinning. We’ve been doing this for a long time,” Rathur said in an interview with home TV operators Star Sports.

“Not everyone plays this shot (swing), but not everyone has to. You don’t have to play the shot. We saw that Virat looked extremely comfortable yesterday and hardly played a swing.

“If you can defend yourself well and move your legs, wait for the bad ball to come, of course you’ve brought this game back.”

Rathur also revealed his conversation with They grow kohli after the Indian captain was fired on a duck in the first inning of the second test. Kohli made an impressive comeback in the second inning as he looked comfortable in challenging conditions for his 62.

“It’s a combined process,” Rathur said of the conversation with the batsmen.

“We’re talking. Virat came out of the first things (so we had) talking about what he could do better. It came from him, what he could do, and then we had discussions about whether he could adjust where he was. The way he took his initials and (told him) to approach the field of the ball.

“They’re good enough to do that in this well and he showed that in this game itself, that after the discussion, he changed it a little bit and that worked for him.”



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