IND v. ENG The DRS is a bit like a VAR, still controversial: Jack Leach after a third referee error

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Jack Leach

English spinner Jack Leach, who found himself at the end of the third unmistakable mistake on the day of the opening of the second test against India, compared the DRS to the referee of the football assistant (VAR), saying it was “still controversial”.

England was disappointed on Saturday and their captain Joe Koren mixed after a blunder by Anil Chaudhary they were denied the gate of the Vice-Captain of India Adjinkya Rahane after reviewing the DRS.

“We were trying to get the third referee to roll it, they were checking the LBW, we knew it wasn’t going to work out. We were just trying to get them to look at what happened after the ball hit the mat.

“It’s a bit like VAR today, still controversial, (but) it’s what it is,” Leach told reporters at the end of the game here.

The referral of the Judicial Review System (DRS), which they had lost after Rahane was not convicted by the third referee, was later restored in England under the terms of the ICC game.

Leach added: “They said they were checking it, then the picture of LBW appeared, we said no, no. We wanted to check the other one. I was left with the impression that they didn’t check it.

“There was nothing I could do at the time, I was angry at the time, but to take Rahane’s door the next day made things easier.”

The incident happened on the 75th day, when Leach’s delivery kissed Rahane’s gloves on the way to Olli Pope’s field field foot.

As England appealed for a glove catch, the referee refused, before Chaudhary also rejected the review, thinking that the ball had landed outside the stump and that visitors had appealed to LBW.

However, visitors showed up to explain that they were calling for a glove to be caught, not a bat.

Seeing the replays on the big screen, Ruth was unimpressed and the captain also raised the issue with the field judges. Chaudhary also refused.

However, Rahane was fired from Mouen Ali before he can take advantage of the lifebelt Rohit Sharmawhich also did not go in their favor, Leach said it was a touch and going.

“Well, Ben (Fox) didn’t say he was definitely out, he wasn’t sure about that. And then when we saw it, we were hoping … It was a touch and a departure,” he said.

Asked about his thoughts on the end of the day, Leach said it was a difficult exit, but felt they were still in the game.

“It was a hard day, we had to be patient all the time. In the end we had a few weekends and it was good. With the new ball tomorrow morning we can quickly take a few weekends and come back.

“As you saw with Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane, once you start the partnership, it can get a little easier, we have to hope we can do the same when we come to fight.”

During his own performance during the day, he said he bowled well and the pitch turned a little more than the first test.

“I would say that the terrain turns a little more, the gate looks a little drier and rotates. I thought I bowled well today. I tried to be as patient as I could.

“It’s the best I’ve ever bowled, it was all based on patience and allowing the pitch to do what it did. That was my plan,” Leach said.

Asked about Centurion Rohit Sharma, whose superb knock from 161 took India to 300 for six on a stump, the English spinner said he had played a serious blow.

“Rohit played a serious blow. Apparently he is a world-class player, to see how he did, he obviously hit well,” he said of the presentation of the Indian knife.

Asked if England would require a change in its approach to wadding, he said they had adapted really well to different surfaces.

“I think we’ve managed to adapt pretty well in the last three games. In Sri Lanka we play on revolving weekends and I think the boys have adapted really well to different surfaces. I firmly believe we can do that here too,” he added. .

Since spectators were allowed for this test, Leach said it was very special to have back fans.

“It was very special to get fans back,” he added.



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