IND v. ENG I’m not sure if I want to play cricket again: Jack Leach is belted for sixes by Rishabh Pant

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English spinner Jack Leach was “not sure” if he wanted to play cricket again after Rishabh Pant’s weapon in the initial test against India and is quite confused to recover just in time to make a winning contribution to the match.

The left-handed spinner on his first tour of India was taken to the cleaners of Marauding Pant on the third afternoon of the first test, but returned to pick six straps for the next two days, while England won with a huge 227 runs.

“This is my first trip to India and it was a hell of a hard start! I went through every emotion under the sun on our first win in the test and I guess that’s why we love cricket so much,” Leach wrote in Sky Sports.

“After admitting 77 eight-point runs on the third day, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to play cricket again, so I’m really proud to be back and contribute to the team’s victory.

“Who would have thought that the game would feel so difficult when you win with 227 tracks?”

Its doors included India’s opener Rohit Sharma at the end of the game on the fourth day, when he threw a ripper to leave the batsman indifferent with the twist and rebound of delivery.

“As for me, I think I will use the delivery that removed Rohit Sharma at the end of the fourth day as a visualization aid in future games!”

“I felt good getting a player out of that height with decent delivery and the weather was good too, so we didn’t feel we had to go back and get 10 wickets on the last day.”

Leach said England would miss out on the services of a senior goalkeeper Joss Butler in the upcoming three matches. Butler returned home after the initial test as part of England’s rotation policy.

“Of course, in the coming weeks we will miss Joss, who flew home for a vacation. It was great to have a quiet drink with him after our victory. Joss had mixed emotions about leaving; obviously it’s really nice for him to have some time with family. his, because he doesn’t have much of it, and to have a chance to refresh himself, because this year he will have a lot of big cricket.

“But after winning the first game, he’s excited about what’s coming up on the tour and would love to be a part of it. He’s a real racer and a great character to have around.”

In addition to his demeanor, Butler is one of the cleanest ball strikers in English cricket and the decision to rest him did not fall too well with several former England players.

“Joss did incredibly well in the three test games this year and it’s great to see him do so well. It’s very inspiring for me to see a man I’ve played Somerset U11s with 50 tests and that makes me play more more games, “he said.

The front spinner wants to improve his wadding and is happy that Butler recently offered him wadding tips in Sri Lanka. it gave me a lot of confidence when a senior player showed such an interest in taking care of my game.

“I’m proud to be a person who is hard to get out of, and I try to make it as difficult as possible for the opposition, because I know when I expose how frustrating it can be if the Tylers hang around!”

The celebration of the victory in the new series, made and cleaned, Leach is preparing for a strong rip off from the hosts in the second match, scheduled from February 13 to 17 at the same place – MA Chidambaram Stadium.

“Given India’s previous record at home – 28 wins and five draws in 34 games – we knew we would face him and the challenge now is to prepare for me both mentally and physically for the second test on Saturday.

“India is a great team and they will be back in battle, so we have to be ready; it is important that we keep trying to improve in practice,” Leach said.

He called his captain Joe Korenwho made a magnificent double hundred in the opener, the best spin player in the world.



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