IND v. ENG I have to improve my performance with a new ball: Prashid Krishna

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IND v. ENG I have to improve my performance with a new ball: Prashid Krishna

Prashid Krishna impressed everyone with his pace and rebound, but the latest sensation of the Indian team admitted that he has to work hard to try to be more economical with the new ball.

In both ODIs, Prasid received tickets in his second spell with the half-new ball (since two new balls are used) and received a little stick from the English batsmen during his first overs.

“Personally, I would like to start better. I would like to improve the way I start with (the new ball). Otherwise, all the runs I handed out were marked with bad balls. So I would go back and work. on these aspects, “Prasid said after India lost the second six-door ODI.

While Indian bowling had a bad day at the office, Prasid said they could hardly do anything in the face of an attack by Johnny Beirstov and Ben Stokes.

“We could have bowled better, I don’t deny the fact, but we have to give credit to the way they played. It was an attack, we got a lot of bad shots.”

With only four outfielders out of the circle during the second Powerplay (between 11-40 frames), it’s always hard to stop the batsmen on a flat deck.

“It’s a white ball cricket game today. With four outside for 11 to 40 overs, that’s bound to happen.

“It was a very good gate, no doubt. The result says it all. We scored 330 plus and they chased it in the 44th. That says it all. It was a flat gate, a challenging bowling gate where the error was much, much smaller.” he remarked.

The execution part went awry, and Prasid seemed a trifle, irritated by repeated references.

“Our executions could have been a little better, for me personally. Besides, it’s a recurring question, the third time they ask me. Yes, we made mistakes, we could have done better, but they also fought okay “repeated the note from Karnataka.



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