IND v. ENG Hardick Pandya interviews Brother Krunal after a record debut: Watch

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Image source: TWITTER / BCCI

Crown and Hardick Pandya

India is comprehensive Crowned Panda he had his late father Himanshu’s travel bag in the locker room as he tried to keep him close to his exclusive ODI debut, in which he smashed the debutant as fast as 50.

Celebrating his 30th birthday on Wednesday, Krunal and his younger brother and Star Wagon Hardik Pandya talks about the close relationship they shared with the senior panda, who died of a heart attack in January.

“So the main thing is that he died at 16 in the morning, and I was playing Syed Mushtaq Ali that day. He had a habit of keeping his clothes ready at night, his shoes, his pants, his shirt and his hat.

“So what I did was just before the game, I took his bag from Baroda here and I thought, I know he’s not with us, but these clothes that he had to wear in this game, I thought bring this and him keep it in the locker room, “Krunal revealed on the BCCI’s official website.

In addition to his shot with 58 shots, Krunal also took the lead in the game against England, which India won with 66 runs to lead 1-0 in a series of three games. He broke down as he spoke to the lead bearded man after the game and was comforted by his brother.

“Obviously I’ve worked so hard to be here … not just in cricket, but in terms of everything, taking care of my diet to the gym, everything and again, it’s all about the old man.

“… his blessings are there with us and it was obviously very emotional for you and me and both of you, and I got a hat from you again,” Krunal told Hardick.

Krunal has experienced a lot in the last few months. After being eliminated from the Indian team T20, he was caught in a battle with the universal Deepak

Hood before losing his father, who played a key role in turning him into cricket. “… my focus has always been on how I can be the best version of myself, how I can improve, not only as a cricketer, but also how I can improve as a person.

“… again somewhere along the line, I just feel the blessings of his (late father), I just feel more secure … that’s for him,” Krunal said.
Hardick, for his part, revealed that Krunal’s body language showed his love for their late father.

“You can see it in your body language, but not many people know, our father is actually with us in the locker room, Krunal is wearing … our father died at 4 o’clock in the morning and he was someone who always kept his things ready for the next day. .

“Krunal was carrying the bag containing his things,” Hardick revealed.

Krunal, a left-hander, and a slow-handed Orthodox bowler who has played 18 T20s, has also played five times. IPL champions Mumbai Indians.



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