Important one-off games such as the WTC final should not be played in the UK: Kevin Petersen

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Kevin Petersen

Former England captain Kevin Petersen believes that the United Kingdom, which is known for its erratic time, as witnessed during the World Cup final, should not host “one-off” cricket games of “incredible significance”.

The match between India and New Zealand is staring at a standstill with only 140 plus over a game of a possible 270, held in the first three days.

“It hurts me to say that, but ONE EXCLUSION and an incredibly important cricket game should NOT be played in the UK,” Petersen wrote on Twitter, digging into the ICC to choose the Hampshire Bowl in Southampton as the venue for the championship final. .

For Pietersen, the finale of an event like this should always take place in Dubai, where there is a minimal chance of time outages.

“If it were up to me, Dubai would always host a one-off match like this WTC game. A neutral venue, a great stadium, guaranteed time, excellent training facilities and a travel center! Oh, and the home of the ICC is next to the stadium,” the lavish former English batsman writes.

Former Indian knife Virender Sehvag was even more sarcastic in his criticism of the ICC.

“Batsman ko bhi Timing nahi mili dhang ki, aur ICC ko bhi,” he tweets. This meant that “neither the Indian batsmen nor the ICC got the right time”



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