ICC investigates intentional witch-hunt against me, says its ousted CEO Manu Sony

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Manu Saunas

ICC Executive Director Manu Sony, who was removed by the International Cricket Council on charges of misconduct, described the governing body’s investigation against him as a “deliberate witch hunt.”

Sahhney was sent on “leave” in March after his behavior came under scanner during an internal investigation by audit firm PWC.

“It is very clear to me, as it would be to any reasonable person or bystander, that I am a victim of a deliberate witch hunt. All pretense of a fair trial or a fair hearing has been completely abandoned.

“It is not a legal attempt to abide by the ICC’s internal policies or even the basic principles of natural justice,” Sony was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz.

Sony responded to allegations of a disciplinary hearing on June 17.

He was investigated for alleged abrasive behavior with his colleagues and authoritarian style of functioning.

“These allegations are based entirely on anonymous statements that no one has attempted to verify or investigate. Based on our points, I could potentially lose my livelihood and reputation. Honestly, the whole situation is nothing more than a scandal. .

“Nevertheless, I believe that it is crucial for my own integrity and that of the ICC to oppose this outright attempt to force me to resign, which would set an extremely dangerous precedent.

“I am also determined to ensure that the significant achievements of the ICC during my term are not taken out of history. I will also exercise my right to appeal any guilty decision to the council, in accordance with paragraph 7 of the ICC’s disciplinary policy and Clause 17.4 of my employment contract. “

Sony also questioned the PWC report.

“The PWC report explicitly states that its aim was to understand and appreciate the current culture and basic organizational behaviors within the ICC.

“Therefore, the PWC report is the product of a general assessment of workplace culture, not the product of an in-depth disciplinary investigation that adheres to the basic rules of evidence. In other words, the exercise undertaken by PWC should not be confused with proper disciplinary investigation, “said the Indian.

Sony is a former CEO of Singapore Sports Hub and has also served as managing director of ESPN Star Sports, a company he has worked with for 17 years.



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