I watch Sunil Chetri and try to imitate his “ice-cold” attitude: Forward Manvir Singh

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Sunil Chetri

Striker Manvir Singh says the Indian football team must maintain momentum in the upcoming World Cup 2022 qualifiers and the 2023 Asian Cup against Afghanistan after beating Bangladesh in the previous round.

India boarded Sunil Chetri to bring Bangladesh 2-0 here on Monday for their first away win in the World Cup qualifier in 20 years.

“We have to maintain the momentum gathered in the match against Bangladesh and even in the 0-1 loss against Qatar. But everyone is aware that all this is over,” said Manvir.

“The match on the 15th is a new canvas. We have to draw it the right way. The coach works with us all the time. We have to give it back,” he said.

Manvir says he always tries to learn from national team captain Sunil Chetri and his ATL teammate ATC Mohun Bagan Roy Krishna.

Manvir, who joined the national team after a successful national season, believes that nothing is permanent as a striker. “My job becomes easier when I play with the best strikers. I just watch Sunil-bhai and try to imitate his composure in front of the goal. At the end of the day, this ice-cold head does everything different. It’s an education for a match. the striker will not get a million chances, “Manvir told the AIFF.

“There will be days when you will get only one chance or maybe half a chance. If you can make it count, you are done. I must also mention that I look at Roy Krishna’s calmness before the goal. They are my heroes. “

He also talks about his progress as a striker since the beginning of his journey in competitive football. “The striker is connected with confidence and this comes only during the game he receives. The more you play, the more mature you become.

“It’s all about your intuition, the movements inside the box, sniffing it and finally finishing it. I repeat, you can only get all this when you start playing. Otherwise, your talent and determination will always be on the bench.”

The match of the first match of the FIFA World Cup in 2022 against Qatar in 2019 changed Manvir’s international career. Prior to this match, the 25-year-old was never a regular starter for India, but the performance against Qatar made him a permanent element in the team of Igor Shtimak.

Asked how he describes himself as a player – winger or striker – and he replied: “In the beginning I was an out striker. But the player must be flexible.”

“Modern football is not just about sticking to one position and role. I’ve been playing on the wings – both on the right and on the left wing lately.” I feel that this helped me understand the dynamics of the attacking philosophy team. This is a plus for every player. “

Manvir said his father played against Chetri and advised him to always learn from the Indian mascot. “My father Kuldip Singh, who played for PSEB as a striker and scored a lot of goals in the Federation Cup, the Durand Cup and the IFA Shield, among many other tournaments, always mentioned to me to learn the art of longevity from Sunil-bhai.

“Actually, he was playing against it and he always tells me, ‘When you see him up close, learn as much as you can.’ Sunil’s specialty is that he has been there for so long. And it’s extremely hard work. “



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