I was in training mode during the event in Lisbon, says Neeraj Chopra

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I was in training mode during the event in Lisbon, says Neeraj Chopra

Indian Olympic-related javelin thrower Neraj Chopra said on Friday that his 83.18 million gold medals at the Lisbon event were achieved in training, adding that he would take his achievements ahead of the upcoming international matches. .

The 23-year-old gave a promising start to his preparations for the Olympics with a decent 83.18m, which he achieved in his sixth and final throw in the event from Lisbon on Thursday. This was his first race in more than a year.

“We knew in advance who was competing in this event in Lisbon and my coach told me to compete in training mode and not to go 100 percent,” said Chopra.

“I had much less time for the race (in Lisbon) and it was taken as a training case. In the next events the race will be stricter and I will put more effort,” added Chopra.

Interestingly, Chopra’s record initially showed 78.15m in his last effort, which would mean that he won the event with his first throw of 80.71m.

But the management of his team asked the organizers to manually measure the final throw and it turned out to be 83.18 m.

“The Neeraj team there reviewed the final throw and a manual measurement was made,” said Manisha Malhotra, JSW Sports’ head of sports performance.

Chopra was accompanied by coach and biomechanical expert Klaus Bartoniec and physio Isan Maruaha.

He will compete in the Karlstad Meet in Sweden on June 22 and in the Kuortane Games in Finland on June 26.

He will remain in Lisbon until June 19. He will then train in Uppsala, Sweden.

Similar to 2017 world champion Johannes Veter of Germany and Marcin Krukowski of Poland, they are in first place this season with throws of 96.29m and 89.55m recently, and Chopra said he is watching who does what.

“I’m also watching how the competition (at the Olympics) can be. Accordingly, I’m training in the best possible way. I feel good at the Olympics,” said Chopra, who is currently third on the world list this season with his national record. of the 88.07m throw in Patiala in March.

“I hope to compete with some of those with whom I will compete in the Olympics. I hope to reach the lock and it will be great to have this feeling of competing against the best who come back,” added Chopra.

Regarding the interest in his preparation before the Olympics, he said: “I hope that I am doing well so that the profile and level of athletics will increase and the younger generation will start to follow athletics to a large extent.”

The event in Lisbon was the first international competition Chopra took after qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics last January in South Africa.



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