I don’t want a silver medal at the Olympics, I want a gold one, says Mirabay Chanu

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From Aparajita Upadhyay

Nothing less than gold will do for Indian weightlifting champion Mirabay Chanu at the Tokyo Olympics as she seeks to break China’s dominance and aura of invincibility in the sport.

“I don’t want silver at the Olympics, I want gold,” the world record holder said in an interview with PTI. It is determined to do better than the traditional power plant in China and take first place at the Games in Tokyo.

With North Korea’s withdrawal from the Olympics, it is likely to be a two-way race between Chan and the lift, representing China in the 49kg category.

“I have to go beyond the Chinese lifters. They think no one can lift more than them, but I want to break that. I can fight them,” Chanu said.

China currently has two lifts ahead of Chang in the Tokyo Games qualifiers, but only one can compete according to the rules. They both lifted more weight than the best of the Indian (205 kg), with Hou Jihui setting a new world record in breakaway and total weight with an effort of 213 kg (96 g + 117 kg) at the ongoing Asian Championships.

Returning to international action after 16 months, the 2017 world champion lifted 86kg in the rip-off and a world record of 119kg in clean and rhythm for a total of 205kg to take home the bronze medal at the Asian Championships. Admired Chanu revealed that she has won the belief that she can create a world brand at the World Cup in 2019, when she cleared 118 kg. position above her head (pulling).

China’s Jiang Huihua had successfully lifted the same weight to set the world record at the time.

“I’m very happy. At the last World Championships, we only decided that if we did 118kg-119kg, that’s a world record.” I had cleared 118 kg, but I missed the jingle. So then I gained the confidence that I could lift more than them. We worked on it.

“In tearing, I feel a little uncomfortable because of the shoulder injury sometimes. My confidence is a little low, but in cleanliness and trouble I was ready for the challenge,” Chanu said.

While her 119kg effort earned her a gold medal in clean and sharp movement, Chanu rocked twice in the grab as she made an 85kg attempt. A third failed attempt would end her championship. The 26-year-old knows he needs to improve his grip to compete with China. Zhihui’s 96kg at the continental event was a new world record, while Chanu’s personal best was 88kg.

“I have to improve the grab to be on par with the Chinese. The difference in grab is bigger. I knew I couldn’t cover that much, but I had prepared for 91kg-92kg (for the Asian Championships), but that’s not it. fell as expected.

“My back loosened a little. I never thought I wouldn’t be able to lift (85 kg). But then sir (coach Vijay Sharma) added a kilo and I just thought ‘whatever happens, I have to lift’.

“The diminutive Manipuri acknowledged that this past year, when the weightlifting schedule was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, was a confusing period filled with anxiety. I’m not competing anywhere. Doubts crept in, you keep thinking “what will happen, how will I present myself”, it was a confusing time. “

But there was also a silver lining. Chanu, who has been imprisoned at the National Sports Institute (NIS) in Patiala since the beginning of her imprisonment in March last year, flew to the United States to be treated for low back pain.

Working with Dr. Aaron Horschig, a former weightlifter who has become a physical therapist and strength and fitness trainer, is extremely rewarding.

“The only good thing was that I went to the US and trained, which helped me a lot. It was a change for me as well as mentally. They just made me do back and right shoulder exercises there. It helped me a lot, it improved my squats. and grabbing. “



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