How to check the battery status of your AirTag and replace the existing battery

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The AirTag is said to provide a one-year battery life in everyday use. But that doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t made it possible to track the battery life of your AirTag. Your Apple device will warn you with a notification when your AirTag’s battery runs out so you can arrange for it to be replaced. There’s also an easy way to replace your AirTag’s existing battery. Apple’s AirTag carries a CR2032 battery that is replaceable by the user and is widely available through online or offline stores near you.

But before you buy a new battery for yours AirTag, you need to check the status of the existing one as a company claims to offer a fair amount of use that should last you one year.

How to check AirTag battery life

Before you begin the steps to check the battery life of your AirTag, it is important to note that the device must be connected to Find my app. Yours Apple device that can be iPhone,, iPador a Mac, must also be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular internet to provide accurate details. If these two conditions are met, you can proceed with the steps below.

  1. Open the Find My app on your Apple device.

  2. Now tap the name of your AirTag. You will see the battery status immediately after the AirTag name and location.

Apple does not offer the option to look at the exact percentage of battery left on your AirTag. However, the battery condition, available through the Find My app, is good enough to tell you when you will need to replace it.

How to replace the AirTag battery

You can replace the battery of your AirTag in just a few steps. Before starting the replacement process, be sure to remove the AirTag from the accessory or box to which it is attached.

  1. Hold the AirTag with the stainless steel battery cover facing you.
  2. Press the cover and turn it counterclockwise until it stops rotating.
  3. Release your fingers. The battery cover will now appear.
  4. Pull out the cover and remove the battery, then insert a new one with the positive side of the battery facing you.
  5. Once the battery is inserted correctly, reattach the cover by arranging the three sections of the cover with the slots available on your AirTag and pressing it with a little pressure.
  6. AirTag will play a song to indicate that the new battery is connected.
  7. Turn the cover clockwise until it stops.

Keep the original battery away from children and dispose of it properly.

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