How Sourav Ganguly was convinced to allow MS Dhoni to hold a wicket for India, reveals Kiran More

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Picture of Sourav Ganguly’s file (left) with MS Dhoni.

Indian cricket legend Sourav Ganguly is perhaps recognized as the best Indian captain to take advantage of Australia’s dominant power and lose to them in the 2003 World Cup final in South Africa.

Years later, the current president of the BCCI, Surav Ganguli, admitted in his biography that MS Dhoni was the missing unit of his team for the World Cup and could win the title with him in the team, as the maintenance obligation was fulfilled by Rahul Dravid.

And BCCI head coach at the time Kieran More revealed how it took convincing Ganguly for 10 days to include Dhoni on the team after the unilateral final failure.

“We were looking for a hipster guarding the door. At that time the format was changing and we were looking for a strong cunning, someone who could come to No. 6 or 7 and provide us with fast 40-50 tracks. “Former West Indian Bowling Curly Ambrose and sports presenter Karishma Kotak.” Rahul Dravid played 75 ODI games as a goalie and he also played the World Cup in 2003. So we desperately wanted to keep our goal. “

In addition, they were so impressed with Dhoni’s performance in the inner circle that they had to talk to Ganguly to choose Jharkhand’s keeper over Indian goalkeeper Deep Dasgupta.

“My colleague saw him first, then I went and saw him. I especially flew down and saw him win 130 out of 170 teams. He broke them all. We wanted him to play in the final as a goalkeeper at the door. Then we had a lot of debates with Sourav Ganguly and Deep Dasgupta – who played for India then and who was from Calcutta. So it took about ten days to convince Sourav and his coach to ask Deep Dasgupta not to keep wickets and to let MS Dhoni hold wallets, ”he added.

He also reminded that immediately after a strong performance in the Duleep Trophy MSD came out with a breakthrough during a tour in India in Kenya and this made its inclusion even more justified for the breeders.

“Donnie was holding the door, smashing all the bowling alleys around, and then we sent him to Kenya for the triangular series, which included India A, Pakistan A and Kenya. MS scored about 600 tracks and then rested its history. So you have to give chances to a cricket player who has something special in him who looks like a winner in the match. He had all the attributes. It was only a matter of time before everyone clicked together. We bet on the right horse and it paid off. I paid tribute to all the members of this selection committee, “said Moore.



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