He did not retire as a battle coach because of a dispute with Hassan Ali, says Eunice Khan

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Former Pakistan captain Yunis Khan has dismissed reports that he has left the post of national team coach due to a dispute with a fighter Hassan Ali but also refused to state the exact reasons for its decision, citing contractual obligations.

Eunice resigned a few days ago, but neither he nor the Pakistani Cricket Council offered an explanation. Later, media reports blamed a series of events on Tinis with Ali over an ice bath after a workout.

“Let me make it clear that the reason for my decision to retire as coach is not the incident with Hassan Ali. The whole episode was blown disproportionately,” he said in an interview with the Zhang newspaper. “Yes, the trainer Yasir Malik had asked me to talk to Hassan and convince him that he should take an ice bath. There was an argument, but Hassan apologized to me for that and we hugged and the matter was closed,” Eunice said.

The former batsman said that Ali was touring England at the moment and that this edition was strange. He indicated that there were other reasons for his decision to withdraw, but he was bound by his contract with PCB, which did not allow him to speak on the matter for six months.

“So far I have not commented on the issue in the interest of Pakistani cricket and PCB and our team is also touring England,” added Eunice.

But he says there are some people on the PCB who are missing things to tarnish his credibility and reputation.

“I have never asked for money for positions. My only concern was to do something for cricket in Pakistan and ensure that players can benefit from my experience,” he added.

Eunice noted that from day one, he made it clear that he would only talk to the chairman, Ehsan Mani, or CEO Wassim Khan.

“In the future, if I have to serve cricket in Pakistan and work with the board, I will ensure that things become more transparent and clear in our agreement,” he said.

Eunice, who is known to be a temperamental man, retired as a wad coach just before the team left for England and has since speculated about the reasons for his sudden departure. Another reason to speculate on his decision is that he was denied permission to join the team’s bio-balloon in England a little later than planned. Eunice reportedly needed time to undergo a critical dental procedure.

Pakistan’s head coach, Misbach-ul-Haq, said that leaving Eunice as a coach was a big loss for the players.



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