HC asks PCI to take instructions on 5-time Paralympic shooter Naresh Sharma

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HC wants PCI to take instructions on 5-time Paralympic scorer Naresh Sharma for non-selection

The Delhi Supreme Court on Thursday asked the Indian Paralympic Committee (PCI) to take instructions at the request of five-time Paralympic shooter Naresh Kumar Sharma so that he would not be selected for the upcoming Games in Tokyo.

Judge Reha Pali gave the PCI lawyer time to give instructions on the matter and listed the request for a further hearing on July 27.

The court also allowed a verbal prayer from Sharma’s lawyer to amend the party note and apply a Deepak, who was selected by PCI, to participate in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo instead of Sharma.

Sharma, who was awarded the Arjuna Awardee and Rajiv Gandhi State Sports Awardee, claims that the PCI Selection Committee deliberately and arbitrarily ignored his name for the Paralympic Games, even though he met all eligibility criteria, including achieving a minimum qualifying score.

The lawsuit is aimed at PCI to include Sharma’s name in the list of selected shooters for the R7 event.

Lawyer Jatan Singh, representing Sharma, said the selection process was not fair and transparent and that the committee was biased towards the petitioner.

During the hearing, PCI lawyer Naveen Kumar Choudhary said Sharma had not won a single medal so far and was only involved and causing problems.

The petition, filed by lawyers Sushant Singh and Amit Kumar Sharma, says the PCI Selection Committee arbitrarily and without reason chose Deepak to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020 at the R7 event instead of the competent and deserving Sharma .

The application selection process is in violation of India’s National Sports Development Code of 2011, which requires a reasonable and dignified choice of players to represent India at major international events.

If the court refuses to intervene with an “arbitrary, discriminatory and capricious choice”, Sharma’s legal opportunity to participate in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo and therefore bring laurels to the country will be lost, the statement said. PTI SKV SA



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