Haryana will give 6 rupees to the gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympics

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Haryana will give 6 rupees to the gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympics

Haryana’s government announced on Wednesday that state athletes who won a gold medal at the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo will receive a sum of 6 rupees.

The state government will give the silver winners 4 rupees, while the bronze medalists will receive 2.50 crowns.

State Minister of Sports Sandipp Singh announced this while talking to Olympic medalists on the occasion of the International Olympic Day here, together with Chief Minister Manohar Lal Hatar.

Sunday also said that 30 players participating in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo have been provided with 5 lacquers each as a preparation amount.

The chief minister said medalists at international events would receive government jobs to encourage young people to play sports, the state government said in a statement.

Khattar said that in addition to receiving government jobs in the Sports Department, medal winners at the international level will be appointed on the basis of a deputy in education and other departments.

He pointed out that the government has formulated a policy to promote sports.

Under this policy, along with a 3 per cent reserve, state jobs are provided according to the medals won by athletes, the statement said.

Apart from that, the government is improving the infrastructure along with renovating stadiums to promote sports activities in the country.



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