Greg Chapel taught India how to chase and win in a one-day international: Suresh Raina

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The former all-round India Suresh Raina

When Greg Chapel was the coach of India, he taught the team how to win One-Day Internationals while pursuing goals, said the former Indian universal Suresh.

“I think somewhere along the line, despite all the controversy surrounding his coaching career, he has taught India how to win and the meaning of victory,” Suresh Raina wrote in his upcoming autobiography “Believe – what life and cricket taught me.”

“We were all playing well at the time, but I remember he put a lot of emphasis on breaking up chases during watt matches,” he wrote.

Raina was one of the players Chapel seemed to trust. In fact, he made his ODI debut in Chappell’s first series as head of Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Although Raina failed to score in Dambulla, the left-hander continued to play 226 ODI, scoring 5,615 runs at 35.31 and scoring 36 wickets with his spin.

Under Chappell, India won 17 ODIs on the lynx – from September 2, 2005 to May 18, 2006, while chasing Rahul Dravid as captain.



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