Greg Chapel accuses Surav Ganguli of not wanting to work hard as a captain

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Image source: BCCI

Greg Chapel (right) recalled that during his coaching term, former Indian captain Surav Ganguli was a man who did not want to work hard and just wanted control of the team.

Considered a legend of Australian cricket, Greg Chapel is not really a figure adored in India. Eventually, under his tenure as coach of India, the team saw their captain Surav Ganguli not only lose the leadership role, but also lose the captaincy. To rub earlier salt on the fans’ wound, the Men in Blue were disgracefully eliminated from the group stages of the 2007 World Cup with an initial loss to Bangladesh.

And 14 years after the debacle in which Chapel lost his job, the 72-year-old Ossie has not changed his mind about the decision he made during his term from 2005 to 2007.

He felt that Ganguly was a man who did not want to work hard and just wanted control of the team.

“Ganguly was the one who approached me for training in India. I had other approaches, but I decided that since John Buchanan was the coach of Australia … I would like to train the most crowded, fanatical country in cricket in the world and this opportunity came because Surav, who was the captain, took care of it I do, ”he said during a Cricket Life Stories podcast.

“The two years in India have been challenging on every front. The expectations were ridiculous. Some of the problems were around the captain of Sourav. He didn’t particularly want to work hard. He didn’t want to improve his cricket. He just wanted to be on the team as a captain so he could control things, “added Chapel.



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