Graham Swan urges Indian fans not to criticize “match winner” Rishabh Pant: Don’t fix what’s not broken

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Rishabh Pant from India

Rishabh Pant’s devilish attitude with the bat may have left the Indian locker room with hearts in his mouth at the World Test Finals (WTC), but former England spinner Graham Swan believes the “winner of the match” should continue to play fearless cricket.

The 23-year-old wikiper-batsman recorded results 4 and 41 in his two innings against New Zealand in the chess clash. In both cases, he threw down his door as he tried to take on the opponents. Pant’s reckless dismissal against Trent Bult on the last day of the test caused a lot of criticism on social media.

“India has an absolute superstar in Rishabh Pant who enters 6 or 7. Just go back to a test match in the history of India. That great century he scored against England (in Ahmedabad) that won them this series. Never forget that.

“It was inning in a counterattack, played against a grinder, played many times against a spin. It was a brilliant hundred. If he went in there and ‘played the situation’ and tried to block it, India would not have won this game. It’s that simple.” Swan told Sportskeeda.

“He is the winner of the match. All I want to say to cricket fans in India – do not fix what is not broken. You have some absolute gold mine, ready to be discovered and used well for 10 years. Do not change Rishabh pants. Let it fail. Leave him. He is absolutely worth it, “he added.

While many experts criticized Pant’s aggressive approach when the situation required a sensible beating, India’s captain Virat Kohli it looked good with the young man’s intention to score, not survive. Collie said it was up to Pant to see the shot he got in the second inning.

“We do not want him to lose his positivity or optimism by changing the situation for the team. We are not very worried. It is up to him to know if this is a mistake in the assessment and to correct it in advance, “Collie said at the post-match press conference.

“Rishabh will definitely be an expressive player when he gets the chance … he appreciates it really well and when things don’t work out, you can say a misjudgment, which is acceptable in sports,” the skipper said.



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