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Google will fix a bug in Chrome OS, causing users to block their Chromebooks

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Google downloaded the latest Chrome OS update, which caused users to block their Chromebooks due to a major error, and announced the development of a fix that is expected to be released later today (July 21). The problem occurred after users downloaded Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.165. It has restricted users from logging back into their Chromebook accounts after installation. In some cases, the update even causes bootlooping and does not allow users to access even the lock screen.

On your system status page, Google to recognize problem and said that his engineering team had stopped spreading the update. The company also promised to release a new version that will solve the problem.

Android Central reports that the error in Chrome OS the update prevents users from logging back into their Chromebooks after installation and even causes bootloop in some cases.

Although the new version of Chrome OS has been confirmed, Google has also provided several solutions to temporarily solve the problem. The company said consumers can Powerwash your Chromebookwhich simply means that you need to restore the factory settings of your device. However, this will clear all data stored locally.

Especially for users who can’t even access the lock screen due to bootlooping, they should return the update with a USB recovery key. This will also clear the local data from the machine.

Once the updated version is available, affected users should either leave their Chromebooks on the sign-in screen to download the update through automatic updating, or update it manually after signing in guest mode.

This isn’t the first time the Chrome OS update has caused problems for Chromebook users. In fact, a broken update released a little earlier this month, which Google had downloaded after users reported limiting the performance of their devices.

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