Google Threadit allows employees to communicate through short videos

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Google has created a new tool called Threadit to make remote work more efficient. Threadit allows users to send small recorded videos (such as TikTok or Instagram Reels) to team members to communicate progress and other project issues. Google says videos are a great way to communicate for those struggling to express their position in the mail or text. Threadit also eliminates the need to organize live video communication meetings and enables employees around the world to work in their time zones.

Threadit is available at browser or as a Chrome extension. On his own blog,, Google explains that Threadit helps you say and show more with a video message than with email or chat. It can be used to show each other progress, ask questions or ask for feedback without having to coordinate schedules. It eliminates the need to host virtual meetings for small communications. It also gives users more time to think, to do more focused work, and any meetings that take place are more effective.

With Threadit, users can record short videos and combine them into one complete video message. They can even record their screens to better convey their message. Once you’re done, you can send it to your team members via a link. These members can reply to the video message when they are ready, and all replies will be displayed as one call. Google says it created Threadit while working remotely last year. It was created by a team from Area 120, Google’s incubator division, to make remote work more competent.

Threadit also helped employees work on their time zones. “I would send Threadit to my colleagues in Japan during my normal working hours in Seattle; they would answer during working hours for them in Tokyo. Threadit helped us feel like we were working together in person, even though we reacted at different times from around the world – it built connections that email couldn’t. The best part? No one had to get up early or stay up late, “said Keller Smith, founder and general manager, Threadit, in a swamp post.

As mentioned, users can send a video of Threadit to each other by simply sharing a link and there is no process where you have to download the video. Using the Chrome extension, users can save their own screen to communicate work-related issues effectively.



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