Google Photos for Web is reported to receive an Investigation tab that categorizes images

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Google Photos for the Web is reportedly getting a new Explore tab, which was released as Search for mobile users some time ago. The section provides a special section to the Google Photos web interface and groups photos into categories under People, Places and Things. Apart from that, the web version of Google Photos also gets a special Favorites option on the Library tab. This comes after Google Photos updated its Memories tab last month to show users stories about their past holidays and sweet foods.

9to5Google reports that Google Photos for Web gets a new Explore tab and a new Favorites option in the Library tab. The Research tab was launched for mobile users as a Search tab last year to categorize photos. The People tab uses face recognition to group all of a person’s photos into one place, making it easy to find old photos of people in Google Photos. The tech giant also uses AI to categorize photos based on the places you visit, as well as various things in your images such as airplanes, beaches, slopes, lakes and more.

In addition, the Explore tab also allows you to view photos in categories such as Screenshots, Selfies and Videos. The report says the Google Photos Web update also simplifies online photo searches. Touching albums now opens a compact drop-down menu, rather than a long list that would have previously taken up the entire screen. A new option called Favorites has been added to the Library tab, making it easy for users to quickly view all of their starred images.

Google Photos last month reported updated its “Memories” section to start showing users stories about their past holidays and sweet foods. These stories are presented under different titles: “Sand and Sea” and “Delicious Treats”. Google Photos has also begun showing children-focused memories of choosing users through a collection called “Out to play.” These new collections aim to make people relive their happy memories.

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