French Open boss hopes Naomi Osaka to return next season

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Image source: AP

Picture of a file by Naomi Osaka.

French tennis federation president Gilles Moreton has said he expects Naomi Osaka to return to Roland Garros next year after Japan’s No. 2 player withdrew from the Grand Slam on Monday due to her mental health.

“We are sorry and sad for Naomi Osaka. The result of Naomi’s withdrawal from Roland Garros is unfortunate,” Moreton told a brief news conference.

“We wish her the best and fastest possible recovery. We look forward to Naomi taking part in our tournament next year,” added Moreton.

Naomi, 23, had beaten Romania’s Patricia Maria Teague on Sunday, but did not appear in the media. This prompted organizers to fine her $ 15,000 and warn her that she would be expelled from Grand Slam tournaments if she continued to do so.

Earlier, Moreton determined Naomi’s decision not to attend the “phenomenal mistake” oppressor.

However, he told the media that the tournament remains committed to the well-being of athletes and improving the experience of players, including the media.

“Like all Grand Slam, WTA, ATP and ITF, we remain very committed to the well-being of all athletes and continually improve every aspect of our players’ experience in our tournament, including the media, as we have always sought to do,” added Moreton. .



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