FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: 2 players in Poland COVID-19 positive before England

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Image source: GETTY IMAGES

Polish midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak (pictured) and defender Kamil Pyatkovski tested positive before the planned flight of the team to the UK.

Two players from Poland have been tested for coronavirus, the Polish Football Association announced on Tuesday, a day before the team played against England in the World Cup qualifiers.

Defender Kamil Piatkowski and midfielder Grzegorz Krichowiak scored positively before the team’s flight to Britain.

The association said it was talking to UEFA to try to get Krichoviak allowed to play because he had the virus before.

The announcement came a day after star striker Robert Lewandowski was ruled out of Wembley by a knee injury on Sunday when Poland beat Andorra 3-0.



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