Facebook is taking over Clubhouse to start testing live audio rooms

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday that the company plans to launch several audio products, including Clubhouse-style live audio rooms and a way for users to find and play podcasts.

Facebook The invasion of the audio market comes as a sudden explosion of interest in Club house, an audio application where billionaires and celebrities, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk have appeared in the chat, may lose weight. Downloads for the Clubhouse app, which is only available on Apple’s iOS devices, have seen a 70 percent drop in downloads in March since February, when they peaked.

Zuckerberg said the world’s largest social media network plans to release features in the coming months, including short-form audio clips called soundbites and ways to create sound effects or improve sound quality. Facebook said in a blog post will begin testing live audio halls, which will run by the summer.

Zuckerberg said Facebook seeks to “treat audio as first-class media the way we would take photos or videos” in an interview with Discord with Casey Newton, editor of the Platformer newsletter.

The rapid growth of the annual Clubhouse app demonstrates the potential of audio chat services.

It is unclear whether Clubhouse, which has just completed a new round of Serie C funding, in which a source said it is valued at $ 4 billion (approximately 29,870 kroner), will have remaining capacity as installations shrink.

The application is not yet available on Android, faces competition from a number of companies working on Clubhouse clones. Twitter tests its live Spaces audio feature, along with new Discord features, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn,, Relaxed, and Spotify Technology.

Reddit also presented a preview of its Reddit Talks product to moderators on Monday.

Analyst firm Sensor Tower estimates that Clubhouse has a 72% drop in growth from about 9.6 million installations in February to about 2.4 million in March.

Facebook, which has long been criticized for handling problematic content in its products, will face the challenges of moderating live and recorded audio content.

Facebook has said that live audio rooms will be available in it Messenger product and in its main application. He said he would test the rooms with public figures as well as in groups – a product that the company vigorously promotes as providing places for people with common interests, but which has also been used to spread misinformation and organize extremist activities.

As part of the announcement, Zuckerberg also said that Facebook is working with Spotify on “Project Boombox” to share and listen to music on its platform.

Facebook said users would be able to send donations or advice to creators in live audio rooms via Stars. Once launched, it will offer other types of monetization, such as single purchase access or room subscriptions. He also announced a fund to create audio for Soundbites.

The company is working to attract more creators who are used to receiving tips and other direct payments from fans.

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