FA Cup: Chelsea, Southampton reach the quarterfinals; teams find opponents for the next round

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Chelsea remained undefeated in five games under Thomas Tuchel, but was forced to work hard to win against a team that is 13th in the second tier of the championship.

Tammy Abraham pushed Chelsea into the FA Cup quarter-finals, scoring the second-half winner in a 1-0 victory over minor club Barnsley, who missed several chances to make a mess.

Abraham eavesdropped in the 64th minute after a low cross by Reese James to create a quarterfinal against Sheffield United.

Southampton also advanced after a 2-0 victory over the Wolverhampton Wanderers, with Danny Ings and Stuart Armstrong scoring.

Chelsea remained undefeated in five games under Thomas Tuchel, but was forced to work hard to win against a team that is 13th in the second tier.

Callum Britt missed two chances to give Barnsley the lead in the first half. The midfielder’s effort at close range from Alex Movat’s cross in the 10th minute forced a superb save to save Kepa Arizabalaga’s reaction. Then his shot, following a clever routine in the corner just before halftime, was deflected.

Chelsea, meanwhile, have been denied a penalty by referee Martin Atkinson.

Abraham galloped over Billy Gilmore’s pass, and Barnsley defender Toby Sibick grabbed the Chelsea striker’s leg as he slid to save a goal.

Chelsea had failed to reach the goal within an hour, but took the lead when James ran on the right flank and equalized Abraham in an empty net.

The replays showed that Abraham may have been offside when James played the ball, but VAR is not used in the FA Cup.

Abraham then saved Chelsea at the other end, saving Arizabalaga.

The Blues’ goalkeeper was unable to get close to a free kick in the area, but Abraham was on hand to intercept Barnsley’s substitute, replacing Michael Solbauer’s efforts from the goal line under the crossbar.

American striker Daryl Dyke came off the bench in the 59th minute to make his debut for Barnsley. The 20-year-old Dyke is hired by the MLS club Orlando City.

The draw for the quarterfinals gave Premier League leader Manchester City a visit to Everton, who beat Tottenham 5-4 after extra time on Wednesday.

In another intriguing Manchester United match, a trip to Leicester was handed out. The two teams are second and third in the Premier League, respectively, and ended in a draw with 2: 2 when they met for the last time on the boxing day.

Southampton will leave for the championship Bournemouth.

Ings ended a five-game drought, giving Southampton the lead in the 49th minute, and Armstrong sealed the score at the end after a mistake by goalkeeper John Rudy.

The quarterfinals are scheduled to take place over the weekend of March 20-21.



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