Everyone will play as Pant, Pandya in 15 years: Darren Goff

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Everyone will play as Pant, Pandya in 15 years: Darren Goff

Former English bowler Darren Goff was impressed by the wadding style of Indian players like Rishab Pant. Hardik Pandya and Shreyas Ayer, among others. Goff believes that the current Indian batsman harvest sets the pattern for future generations, saying it is the way batsmen will play “in 15 years.”

In the recently concluded series against England, lower-middle-class batsmen like Rishabh Pant, Crowned Panda and Hardik Pandya played a key role in directing India’s speed to the closing stages of inning. This helped India get the much-needed boost in the end as the country crossed the 300-mile mark in all three games in the series.

“In 10 years, every player will play like this – Rishabh Pant, Hardik Pandya. So you better get used to it. That’s how everyone will play. You’ve seen the players – your Smith, Williamson, Ruth, who plays according to the situation on a certain scale. “builds inning and expands right at the end with their hit rate,” Goff told talkSPORT, quoted by the Hindustan Times.

“But the future is already here – Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Ayer … all these guys, this is the way everyone will play in 15 years. A few fantastic watts.”

In the last ODI of the series, India finished with a score of 329, but the country could add another 20-30 tracks if Pant and Panja remained in the fold. Nevertheless, the duo’s aggressive duplication style provided a sudden jump in results as India eventually recorded 7 wins in the decisive match of the series.

“India was disappointed when they came up with this result (329). This partnership between Pant and Panja was so important to India, but the way they went on was amazing. There were no nerves,” Goff added.

“Pant was still trying to sweep, doing” Dil Scoop “over his head, or stepping over the stumps and flying over the square leg, Hardick Pandya hit sixes in abundance … I mean, Pandya just stands still, a solid base and pulls away. to clear the border. The future … right there, “said the former Englishman.



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